Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Outlander Cast: The Way Out - Episode 4

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the third episode of "Outlander," entitled, "The Way Out."  In this episode you'll learn all about: the McZappo's, burning bras, standing ovations for Ronald D. Moore, why Blake is starting to not like Claire, why Geillis is bad news but FR. Bain is worse bad news, why we're supporting the voiceovers from now on,  why Jamie is seven years old, and why the accent challenge continues..

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saza said...

Hi, Mary & Blake. Greetings from an Outlander book fan! My name is Saza and I enjoyed listening to your podcast very much. I feel like the story keeps getting better and better for each episode. And you know what.. after finished this podcast I think Blake is a little jealous of Jamie too lol.
Here is my theory for Claire-Jamie-Frank-Laoghaire relationship.
When Claire first traveled through time, she was just parted from Frank, the love of her life. Frank was her ultimate goal to go back to the future. But as the story goes, Claire started to get acquainted to the highlanders, the culture and, of course, Jamie who is becoming her only trusted friend in this alien world. If I am in her shoes, where the only person whom I can trust most is Jamie, not to mention his good looks humor and modern thoughts, I would definitely be attracted to him too. That's why I agree with Mary that Claire tried to set Jamie up with Laoghaire so he can't temp her anymore. My interpretation is that after 3 episodes Claire is a little temped with Jamie, so she now tries desperately to use her longing for Frank as a motivation to go back to the future. Not the love of Frank makes her wants to go back to the future, I mean. Why do I think so? Because of what she did after seeing Jamie and Laoghaire together! The foot fights under the table scene is cute! Her voice-over told us that she is jealous of their intimacy but I think deep down she starts to feel jealous of him.

BlakeLarsen said...

There may or may not be a little jealousy involved here Saza :)

firstlove02 said...

Blake- I agree with the ovation for Ronald D. Moore. He is a master storyteller isn't he. He walks that fine line of being true to the book, drawing in Watcher fans from the TV show and having a bit of fun with the book readers by faking them out with the Mrs. Fitz daydream Claire has.

I am loving Frank looking so dapper in uniform here. Dreamy Frank. This is such a great exchange between them. He is so in love with Claire and respects her thoughts and wishes and she truly loves him for that. That parting as the train pulls away from the station, taking her away was heartbreaking.

Poor Laoghaire, she is never getting Jamie. But, she is such a girl, she doesn't have it in her mentally I think, to get Claire in trouble with Bain to get Jamie.
She let herself be used by Jamie, but honestly, Blake no woman here is feeling a bit sorry for her.

Ugh, Geillis, I don't like her. She is very manipulative, but that grin she had while she looked out the window watching Claire and Jamie get the boy off the pillar. I bet she thought Claire used guile over Jamie, just like she used guile with her husband. But, she couldn't be more wrong. I liked how they showed that difference.

Another great Podcast you two.
I enjoyed it a lot!
Sarah :)

BlakeLarsen said...

Sarah - thank you as always about the kind words for the show. Ron Moore is certainly excellent at his craft. But, I'm not sure if he is a Master Story teller. I reserve that title for the likes of Steven Spielberg, Damon Lindelof, Orson Welles, etc.

firstlove02 said...

Wow! Another reply. Thank you

Blake- You two have earned it. Keep it up.

An impressive list you have there for sure. Well, I hope that by the end of the Outlander series he will have won you over. I feel like his best work may yet to come. He certainly has great source material to adapt from.

Sarah :)

Sweet Bee said...

Hi, a bit behind the curve on my podcast listening but thanks for all the laughs and giggles today! Love the podcast! Looking forward to the between the seasons podcast and Blake's Claire voice. @Erasergirl1

Ashley C. said...

What music was played at the end? I am trying to place it. Was it from a western movie?

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