Monday, September 1, 2014

Outlander Cast: The Gathering - Episode 5

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the fourth episode of "Outlander," entitled, "The Gathering."  In this episode you'll learn all about: why we inadvertently created some awesome hashtags, why Blake gets owned by one of our listeners, a Danny Ocean sighting, why "The Gathering" works on many levels, Mary's love of Dunkaroo's, why Claire has obviously never eaten Boar's Head Ham, Alastair's challenge, and Blake's most ambitious Outlandish Theory of the Week to date..

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  1. Wow, what a Delta. I didn't notice the ribbon trail. I did not understand what wee Hamish was saying to Claire. Thanks for pointing that out

  2. Like many others, I'm sure, I come at this as a long-time fan and someone who has been following the production since day one... Thanks for asking me to listen. @marifel (Twitter)

    My notes, in no particular order:
    1. Claire telling Jamie about her plan to escape: Keep in mind that this is prob her only real friend. They've established a friendship and have shared quite a bit. He there's a mutual respect. Why wouldn't she tell him? Obviously he's not going to turn her in and she's not going anywhere...
    2. Shinty (the "field hockey" game) - from what I understand the game is still as brutal today as it was in the 18th C.
    3. Dougal and Claire have also established a mutual "respect" despite the assault in the hall. She's nothing like the women that he's accustomed to...It's intriguing, but also a great mystery for him.
    4. Voice-overs are fine; maybe this is because I'm a book reader. The book is told from Claire's point of view and I absolutely don't mind hearing her.
    5. Interesting to hear the Theory of the Week. We shall see...
    6. It KILLS me that folks can't tell Angus, Rupert, and Murtagh apart. Just sayin'.

    Keep on, keepin' on, Blake and Mary.

  3. The sentence ref. click heels/there's no place like love- Really?? Muttagh was right LayHere will be a child till she's 50.

  4. Claire was daydreaming going back to Frank. The 1945 music was in her head, or I was hallucinating.

  5. Mrs. Fitz is a mean girl - I love it!!!

  6. Fredo reference is right on!! It's like watching Scandal 1743 with all the plotting/lying/killing.

  7. Love the Outlandish theory about Geillis----I would LOVE to see that play out!!!!

  8. Blake- I am really thinking about your Outlandish Theory about Geillis....Time-traveler? But, why is she still in 1743? The songs say they return to their own time. Geillis this whole time is telling Claire to make the best of it. I thought maybe she is a spy for Dougal or Randall. I really DO NOT like her at all. I think she would sell out Jamie in a heartbeat if she knew who he really was.

    This is my favorite episode so far. It shows so much of the simple primitive life these people lead. The Highland Clan culture. The immediacy of life.

    Love the "Shinty" I learned something new! What a brutal game!

    1. True - they always go back. But, that begs the question - do they CHOOSE to go back? Or, is it involuntary? Maybe Geillis has not made they choice to go back yet?

  9. Blake- This is a valid point that I hadn't thought of.....voluntary or involuntary time-travel? I really hope at some point we get an answer to this.

    It must be involuntary because first off, the songs say a woman. So, men don't travel through the stones then? They made a point of showing Frank touching the stone Claire went through with nothing happening.

    So, only women time-travelers ? Do 1743 women travel to the future 1945?

    It can make your head spin. Just more to think about during the long hiatus.

    Sarah :)