Friday, September 5, 2014

Outlander Cast: The Gathering (part 2) - Episode 6

Hosts Mary and Blake have a special bonus episode dedicated to only listener feedback! In this episode you'll learn all about: Ernie Banks, Lethal Weapon, the difference between love and being IN love, Back To The Future, Blake's continued dismay over team Jamie and team Frank, and Meg Griffin from The Family Guy..

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Deana Hervey said...

Yes, Jamie is gorgeous, built, yada yada yada. I agree. But Claire is the one putting it all out there - trying not to get killed by both Scotts and Britts, having to mend every person that she come into contact with, etc... Thank God for Uncle Lamb! That's why she adapts so well to her surroundings. I would nut up with no underwear, no toothbrush, no deodorant and most importantly no freaking pink razor. All that sets Claire apart from the average, modern woman of 1945 or even today's woman. You go girl - and yes, I went there.

Jill Baird said...

Thank you for referring to Mrs. Fitz's hair! When she first came on the screen with her hair all done up for the Gatherinng, the first thing I thought of was the bride of Frankenstein. It wasn't as big, but it was still some crazy hair. Thank you for the new perspectives on the story. The discussion is something I would love to have with my friends if they were into the show and gives me a chance to rethink how I originally perceived what I read and watched. I get why Blake is on team Frank and am kinda leaning in that direction in terms of where we are in the story. Love listening and can't wait for more!

Deana Hervey said...

Okay, I'm trying to create a hashtag #adorableangus. I have no idea about having more than one twitter account or how you could have two and check at the same time. Anyway, I posted a photo of Angus and Dougal, but you have to click to enlarge and see the wording. Oy Vez

firstlove02 said...

Goodness me, you two are so adorable and fun! You have such great chemistry together and I found myself laughing so much during this particular podcast. Thank you for having a feedback podcast.

Being late to the party, I am listening to you two in reverse (to keep the Outlander Love going during hiatus) and it is a great way to spend an hour!

I admit, I share in Elizabeth's lovely Outlander obsession. And thank you Blake for the guy perspective and tolerance of all the Mary swooning at your table. You GO Mary!

Speaking from experience as a parent, I commend you Mary and Blake for creating your podcasts and hanging in there. I can appreciate what it takes and it makes it all the more enjoyable with those baby noises in the background.

Keep it up guys...I look forward to the next one!
Sarah :)

firstlove02 said...

Thanks as well for including how the two of you listen to the hotline voicemail messages. Glad your listeners can entertain you around the breakfast table. :)

Blake- Your Outlandish theory about how Jamie worded his conditional loyalty to Collum was really interesting. I had to listen to it again before I could reply and it really was so well constructed for a plan B, on the spot. Jamie is actually quite the statesman. You could actually see the wheels turning in his head before he spoke as he waited in line. It was just reaffirming the position he always had. Remember, plan A was to hide!

BlakeLarsen said...

Sarah - Yes, it's definitely an experience being a parent and doing this podcasting thing. But we wouldn't have it any other way. I am sorry for all the sounds from our son. We try our best to keep him at bay but he's like Godzilla.

Dorothy said...

I just found Outlander Cast this week via The Scot and the Sassenach. Mary and Blake, you are fabulous and I'm binge-listening to catch up.

What genius came up with the connection between Murtagh's comment and Lethal Weapon? I had completely forgotten that the Danny Glover character's name was Roger Murtaugh!

Incidentally, the other day for some reason I turned on the closed captioning when I was watching an episode. The closed captioning isn't perfect, but I did catch a few pieces of dialog I hadn't been able to understand. For instance, I got the one snippet of dialog in the shinty game between Dougal and Jamie that I'd been missing.

Keep up the good work, y'all. You're the greatest!

Mary Larsen said...

Hi Dorothy!

Thanks for listening and for the kind words about our show! Oh, and welcome to the family. Glad to entertain :)

Sweet Bee said...

I am always just listening to this pod...but, thanks for the things I didnt think of and for all the laughs!!!! On the west coast so listening to both of you is such a joy! No flat western accent for you two! :)

Mark Smith said...
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