Monday, September 8, 2014

Outlander Cast: Rent - Episode 7

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the fifth episode of "Outlander," entitled, "Rent."  In this episode you'll learn all about: Steve Carrell, why Angus needs eight hours of sleep, why Jamie finally manned up to Claire,  the piss song, the Frank train, how Claire could literally change history, a surprise for the listeners,why Dougal is a lot smarter than he lets on, and horses can lose hooves?.

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Deana Hervey said...

Are we sure that Claire is speaking about "absence" or "Absinthe" in her poem? I mean she belts down any alcohol she gets her hands on, not that I'm judging. She would definitely be the one that could handle Absinthe. I'm ready for "Claimie" to start driving that sin wagon LOL!

saza said...
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saza said...

Hi Mary and Blake,

Diana Gabaldon, the author, has expressed her view about certain things in this episode on Compuserve forum and it is quite interesting so I would like to quote this for you guys:


"Having seen all the daily footage, I can answer that one. His horse had thrown a shoe and he'd stopped to make repairs; he's borrowed the apron he's wearing from the local farrier. In the scene as shot, he introduces himself immediately as Lt. Jeremy Foster, and asks Claire if she's all right, whereupon the Highlanders menace him away.

They cut the first part of the scene when they edited the episode, and then added that quick visual of him putting on his hat and coat, so we'd know he was a soldier, and recognize him when he shows up with his buds at the end. "


"You know, I've seen several comments assuming that Angus gives Claire the hideous rabbit to eat as an insult, but I don't think that's the case. A) it isn't his job to feed her, but he brings her a plate, and B) he's given her a _whole_ (if scrawny) rabbit. Which she views with distaste and rejects. _That's_ what put his back up; he was trying to be nice to her and she wasn't even polite, let alone grateful. So he's annoyed with her from that point, and she does absolutely nothing to mend things, acting sniffy and calling them thieves and being all hoity-toity about eating "stolen food," when Angus again tries to give her (much better-looking) food.

He's a short-tempered guy to start with, and not the brightest of the group. Naturally, he's not pleased with her, and when she tops it all by ignoring him _and_ getting him in trouble with Dougal, he does just what a bad-tempered man would do in such a situation--grab her and hustle her off, scolding her for being drunk."


How was that? I want to know what you think. :)
The rest of the conversation can be found from this link:

Kari said...

Dougal took birds from the black watch, not rabbit, so Claire is being a brat. However, I think she is coming from a place that those of us who were born after the 60's don't completely get. She is not so far removed from a position of authority and autonomy that women prior to her generation just did not get - and it was their willingness to really push at the "way things were" that made our current status applicable - but in the late 40's everyone else had the similar experience and it worked. In 1743 Scotland; nobody gets it but her.
I could have done with less Dougal speeches and more of Claire's "clinics" in the various towns - in the book this is how she connects with the Scottish people. (although the peeing scene was funny)
My 17 yo son (also not read the books) agrees with Blake that there is something fishy about Geillis' "place in time." His comments about each of the last two episodes were "No boobs." AND we had a long discussion about the Jacobites and Culloden. He hasn't listen to your podcast, but I might make him try the next history episode...everything he knows about Scotland came from Braveheart.

Deana Hervey said...

I think that Claire is so antagonistic simply because she came through the stones already hacked off. She won't be in a better humor until after the wedding night! It's as simple as that.

Deana Hervey said...

Blake - Oh it's on now. Your reference that I "wanted my hand held:" when they were spouting Gaelic. That just burns my biscuits. I understand the reasoning behind them not having subtitles. But it was like watching Gilligan's Island in Portuguese and the lips not sinking up at all. Maybe they could give us the option of downloading translation on the Outlander Starz website. And that's all I've got to say about that! Still love ya'll.

Prof.Tracy said...

Hot piss---Claire would know as a nurse that urine is sterile and no threats, but I agree ICK!

I love Claire's strength and intelligence and convictions! But I agree with Blake she needs to shut her mouth----women in that time would simply be beaten for that mouth.

The shift in Claire by the end of this episode was so amazing....she finally sees these men as men not captors.

And I'm going to go way off track now:
We almost see Claire going to pee in the pot----I know she was raised by anthropologist uncle in rough ares with latrines and stuff, so she is not as fish out of water as other 1940s women might be. But----toilet paper?!? Feminine hygiene products?!? I mean, they don't wear underwear, so what happens every month? Dental care---is Claire pulling strings from her shawl every night to floss?

Prof.Tracy said...

Time travel logic----can you change history? If the Jacobite rebellion is stopped, how different would The next 200 years be? Would Claire still be born? Would she still marry Frank? It is the butterfly thing---a tiny event can have HUGE ramifications, so how HUGE would the ramifications be if she stopped the rebellion?
OR, maybe it is like lLost and there isno changing the past, or the future. Whatever it is, it will always happen.

Unless it is all parallel universe stuff, so there could be infinite options.

BlakeLarsen said...

Saza -

There is nothing quite like getting the word straight from the horse's mouth. Diana's input on these things is invaluable.

1. This is great stuff about the Lieutenant. I wish they had included the bit they cut in the scene as, logically, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense they way they presented it.

2. This is exactly what I was trying to get at it about Angus in this episode. Nobody wants to feel like a fool - especially in front of their peers or superiors. So, when Claire does just that, it's hard to blame him for how he responded. Of course, this doesn't mean that I'm ok that he kinda pushed her around, but you have to remember this is 1743 Scotland and my moral compass is vastly different. Regardless, this information does give one a little more insight into Angus' character and it's well needed.

EXCELLENT STUFF! Keep it up :)

BlakeLarsen said...

Kari - thanks for listening! Claire is being a little bit of a brat, and yes, her attitude is vastly different from those in 1743 Scotland. While today we see that it's self evident that women have every right men have, or have the ability to speak their minds with the same freedom as men, Claire needs to understand her present surrounding a little bit better.

Women's rights has not even been conceived at this point in time and no one has engaged in that type of discussion. Yes, those conversations made it possible for women to be where they are today, but Claire, in my estimation, should focus on survival mode right now.

Claire has everyone breathing down her neck, she has to dream up story after story so that no one finds out, AND she has Fr. Bain as well as BJR on her tail too. It's got to be a lot of pressure. Thus, stop talking and survive for the time being. Make sure your mouth isn't writing checks your body can't cash.

I am so happy that your son watches the show, and I'm humbled that you want him to listen to our history episode. It should be coming out soon so keep an eye out for it :)

BlakeLarsen said...

Deana: DING! DING! DING! Let's get ready to Rumble! To be honest, I didn't mean to burn your biscuits. But, I kinda like that I did :) J/K.

I think it's hard to have a show with another language and not have subtitles. It is, however, an artistic choice that I prefer. Everybody has their own preferences and I think it's great.

But it does raise the question, are the actual words of the speech really important? Or is it the message that you can infer that's what's most important?

I always want my television, or cinematic experience to demand that I engage with it. If not, I could just watch any Michael Bay movie.

BlakeLarsen said...

Love your thoughts on this. Will the show go down this route? Hmmm...I'm not sure. BUT, it is interesting territory for Claire to explore, and us as viewers to watch her dilemma.

It begs the question, would you try to change history?

firstlove02 said...

Enjoyed this podcast for Rent Mary and Blake.

I agree with Mary, the need to create the Outlander world is needed and also not only is the time passage crucial, but you get to see gorgeous Scotland and the land these people are fighting for.
Plus, the MacKenzie land is HUGE, so you know being the Laird of those lands holds great political clout. Brings back the significance of Laird succession talked about in the Gathering.

Thank you Diana and saza with the link about Lt. Jeremy Foster. I am such a fan of his. NO GASTON here Mary. A worthy TV show character only that please, please hopefully we will see in season 2. Go Tom Brittney!

Loving the "Outlandish Theory" of the week. You go Blake!

Gosh, I am so late to the party.....

Love you two!

firstlove02 said...

Great question Blake. I would for those I love. So, I think Claire will because of her loyalty to those she loves (Frank, wanting to get to him at any cost) and her sense of right and wrong (the goat with Dougal) and it will get the best of her. I am interested to find out the "how" she will do it. Not that she will or won't.

Love your thoughts Blake. The more passionate you get in discussion, the more your accent comes through. Love that!

And thanks for the guy perspective on how men are with each other. That's why I listen to you both and love the show.

BlakeLarsen said...

hahah thank you! And don't worry about being late to the party. The great thing about podcasts is that we are always there for you :)

About setting the scene for Scotland - I've had to time to reflect on this episode a little more and I understand the choice they made to include it. But, I still think it came at an expense to the characters.

BlakeLarsen said...

HA thanks. Yeah, it gets worse and worse. Especially as I get more comfortable and if I drink too!

The only issue with changing history is "The Butterfly Effect." Would you be willing to completely change the fabric of the world to satiate your own desires? Even if for those you love?

firstlove02 said...

Oh wow! You replied. Thank you Blake.

I think I could only reply to this by saying, Just look into your own little guy's face, Blake and ask this question to yourself.

Then, be relieved, as I am for those I love, that Dinosaurs needn't roam the earth in 2014!

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