Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Outlander Cast: The Wedding - Episode 9

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the seventh episode of, "Outlander," entitled, "The Wedding."  In this EPIC episode, you'll learn all about: Blake being irritating, the boob counts triumphant return, why Mary and Blake get real personal, David Tutera, playing with pee or making out with Jamie, the slurp, baby onesies, and Claire's spectacular wedding dress..

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Rita Bowen said...

Blake he put it on her right hand in respect of Frank. He knows she is still thinking about him grieving for him if you will. Sorry if this a spoiler for you I just had. To say it.. the devil made me do it. Lol! Love your take on the leaves on the dress btw

Connie said...

Love love love your podcasts and Im looking forward to the Jacobite history lesson. Got kind of emotional listening to Blake talk about his feelings about his mom and your wedding. Thank you for sharing your insights. Time to go watch the wedding episode again!

Loretta Leake said...

I'm not to the end of your podcast yet, but i just listened to the portion of the book... he puts the ring on her right hand because she was still wearing Frank's on her left.

Diane-crewe said...

am very much enjoying the way you two work together to do these reviews. I am a book and series reader .. so do know what is coming ... but enjoy your take ..esp. when Blake sets off laughing xx
I am on team Dougal .. and always have!!.. I know shock horror!.. but hear me out.
He is a man of HIS time .. not ours. He is .......
1. a man who....is used to getting his own way...... and when he tells people what to do .. they JUMP to it.
2. Clan war chief.. again used to telling others what to do .. and they JUMP to it
3. someone who is used to having any and EVERY woman he wants .. whether THEYwant or not...

NOW all of a sudden we have someone who doesn't jump.. and worse still is a WOMAN .. and she is rejecting his advances to boot

3. he is VERY aware of the young lion/stag .. whatever coming up behind to take his place... ie. Jamie

it does not matter that they are related.. he is jealous and not getting what he wants!

OK going now .. to watch all over again xx lol x Keep up the good work both of you x

BlakeLarsen said...

Thank you! We unfortunately figured that out after we recorded :(

BlakeLarsen said...

Thank you for the kind words! About the wedding and my mom, yes, it's a little hard sometimes. But, we pride ourselves on being able to talk about anything in front of you guys! Have fun with the re-watch!

BlakeLarsen said...

Yeah - we figured that out a little too late haha.

BlakeLarsen said...

Diane -

thank you for the kind words! Yes, I tend to lose it sometimes but it's all in good fun.

I appreciate where you're coming from about Dougal. But, I'm not sure if I can fully agree with you. yes, he is a man of his time, but there is no excuse for putting your hands on a woman - especially a married woman.

Shannon said...

A few quick notes on Frank and Claire's wedding:

So, a few years ago a friend of mine got married, and during the preparations she got fascinated (and not a little side-tracked) by wedding etiquette manuals from the early 20th century. The sum of her research concluded that most of what we now consider commonplace for weddings in Western Europe and the U.S. is largely a product of the last several decades, mostly since the 1960s. Engagement and wedding conventions like the surprise or public proposal (the latter of which would have been considered very gauche) and the explosion of the specialized wedding industry are very recent additions.

Frank and Claire would almost certainly have already been engaged, since common practice was for a couple to talk about marriage and more or less come to an understanding about engagement. After that, if they so chose, they could pick out an engagement ring together. While engagement rings weren't exactly uncommon, they didn't become expected practice until the 1940s (shortly after Claire and Frank's marriage) when DeBeers launched a massive campaign to convince couples that engagement rings, particularly diamond engagement rings, were necessary. Before that, they were primarily a form of insurance for the would-be bride after you could no longer sue for breach of engagement.

Also, I find Frank's seemingly impulsive proposal quite subtly considerate of Claire, although it seems to have taken a hit in a lot of online response to the episode. Claire's a woman without living parents or close family, with no evidence of many close friends (other than Frank), since she's never lived anywhere long enough to even own a vase, and if her response to his proposal is anything to judge by, is concerned or feels pressured by the expectations of HIS parents. By eloping to the register, Frank's trying to tell Claire that she's more important than his need to please his parents.

One more wedding note: While I agree with Blake that the aesthetics and lighting design for the opening of the wedding is on-the-nose and bordering hokey, I think it works really well as a metaphor for how Jamie remembers his wedding. And it contrasts rather darkly with Claire's memory—a massive hangover, hiding her wedding ring in her dress, and flashing back to kissing Frank just before/as she kisses Jamie, who may have very well misread the warmth of that kiss. All in all, and it was so wonderfully unexpected, their wedding is devastating, a genuinely melancholy affair. It was a bold choice. Part of the reason the structure of the episode worked so well is that they don't come together as a couple at all until the wedding night.

Deana Hervey said...

Hi Mary and Blake! Thanks for playing my voice mail on your podcast - made me feel famous! To add on: I do believe that Murtagh definitely use to be jonesin' on Jamie's mother. I had to play it back several times, but he said, "warm a man to his back bone just to see her smile." Yea, he had it bad back in the day. Also, I think the key is to Lallybroch (let us hope he has another one) that the wedding ring was made from. Personally, I liked the one in the book from the Author's Attic, which I had ordered way back. This one kind of looked like a paperclip.
I loved it when good old Ned went to procure a wedding dress - I think crafty Ned knew if "the ladies" saw his rather large money bag, they'd throw in a good toss in the sack as well. Especially when he didn't try and bargain with the price. Old canny Ned knew what he was doing and even brought one of the wenches as his wedding date.
Also, Claire can drink like a dang fish and has the constitution of a lumberjack. To me the sweetest thing EVER was when she was walking around Jamie when he has nude and the way she kept her hand on his skin the entire time. She's never seemed repulsed by his scars and he seems extremely comfortable around her and not embarrassed. I get the feeling that he's never, ever been comfortable with anyone seeing his back.
Now to evil, wife-coveting Dougal. Shame, shame, shame on him. I get it that he admires Claire because she's tough, smart and beautiful, but for him to think that she would bed the entire clan - come on. Now personally, I've seen Dougal sans shirt and he is a verra fine specimen of a man and if I was not married I would love to give him a go. That being said, I think Rupert knew Dougal needed to be watched and came in the room like was bumbling on purpose. I loved the way Claire said to Dougal, "I'm Jamie's wife!"
I'm sure I'm like everyone else when the episode began and we thought the wedding was over there was a collective WTH is going on! But we should have known that Ron and Diana would never do us wrong. The entire handling of all the episodes have been spot on and even wowed us more than the book.
Okay, here is the question on everyone's mind: What in the hell does Jamie keep in that sporran? It's like Howard Walowitz's magic hat or Mary Poppins' carpet bag. I mean he's pulled pearls, clasps, humongous keys, etc... Is this in preparation for the modern backpack? I keep waiting for him to pull out a turkey dinner with all the fixins!

Tootles, Deana Hervey

denise stewart said...

Two parts I loved in this episode. When Jaime first speaks to Claire at the wedding. He says "Your servant, Madam". I know it was a common greeting, but he truly is committing to her as her servant.
And the look he gives her during what you two refer to as their love making. My feeling equal to Mary's feeling of his look as she is rounding his body(the above picture)

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