Saturday, October 18, 2014

Outlander Cast - LIVE STREAM - Top 5 Favorite Things About Outlander Season 1A

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss their top 5 favorite things from Outlander season 1.  In this episode you'll learn all about: the trials of live podcasting, why Blake can no longer play games with Mary in public, why Mary is the perfect person to play to the crowd, who has the better top 5, why our listeners rock, and why this could be either the best, or the worst episode of Outlander Cast we've ever published..

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firstlove02 said...

Hi Mary and Blake,

I enjoyed the live cast and this podcast as well. You both do a great job!

Hope you venture to have another live podcast. It was fun to see all the comments coming through.

I can't wait for the next one with Kristyan Mallett make up for Outlander. Mary you lucky lady to do that interview. Hope you asked all the "must know" questions we are waiting to hear answered.

Blake- What were your clues again? For the BIG surprise? I missed the twitter one.

Another enjoyable hour well spent!

Your truly,
Sarah :)

Dorothy said...

You're having ANNA FOERSTER on?? Y'all are AWESOME!!

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