Saturday, January 3, 2015

Outlander Cast - LIVE STREAM 2.0 - Get To Know Mary & Blake + 2014 In Review : Episode 13

Hosts Mary and Blake come back with another Live Stream Event - fueled mainly by listener questions, this episode was so much fun that we had to split it between two nights*! We discuss everything ranging from who our favorite Beatle is to why Jamie is universally hated by married men, to why Mary craves Oatmeal Cream Pies from Little Debbie.  We also have our year in review where we go over the many highlights and lowlights from this year of Outlander Cast.  The Claire voice makes another appearance, as does Harry Potter, Sassenach Wasted, as well as The Plastics and McZappo's.  If there is one thing you can learn from this episode - Mary and Blake are many things, but professional is not one of them..

*You'll notice a difference in sound quality between the two different nights.  We're sorry for the discrepancy but our mics weren't up fully the first night.  But it goes back to normal about half way through the episode.

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Hil Spezz said...

Thank you for the recap of Blake doing his Claire voice!. You are the Rhode Island Mointy Python.
Can't wait for the podcasts of season 1a. Keep up the good work!

BlakeLarsen said...

Thank you! Being compared to Monty Python, in any manner, is certainly high praise. So, I will gladly accept the compliment. We look forward to doing the podcasts too. What are you most looking forward to about season 1a?

Diane-crewe said...

OK! Just listened to this ... Im catching up!.. and heard you giving the updated details from the history podcast xx....

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