Sunday, April 12, 2015

Outlander Cast: By The Pricking Of My Thumbs - Episode 18

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the tenth episode of Outlander entitled, "By The Pricking Of My Thumbs."  In this episode you will learn all about, "Macbeth Ugly," Blake's burgeoning love (and pity) of Jamie, why Black Jack may not like scrubbing backs, the Rocky showdown, why Claire may not be a likeable character, the greatest nickname Mary has ever created, and why Outlander is knit porn..

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firstlove02 said...

Dear Mary and Blake,

Congratulations on another fine podcast. I truly enjoy the format of your show. It makes it that much more interesting. Incorporating the listener feedback is fun and the Outlandish theory is great because I am a show watcher only Blake. That was SOME opening scene, the camera angles made it so beautiful and sensual. I always focus on Claire's rings, since she wears two and what that symbolizes/means for her that having her gold band be so prominent at a certain moment "for me" harkens to Frank and what happened in Castle Leoch between Claire and Frank all those years in the future and to reveal this intimacy between Jamie and Claire in Castle Leoch as well. I think it deliberate to show her growing love for Jaime.....yet Frank is still not far from her. I love that.
I really loved this episode and the pace and the reveals. I did not find them disjointed. To uncover the affair between Gallis and Duncan in the way that they did is pretty true to life I think. I always disliked Gallis, she's a killer without remorse, and as a character I wish she was not so prominent in the story. I can't stand Loaghaire and hope she gets what she deserves. She is a bad seed. I think the scene with the changling baby and mention of Father Bain and how Jaime explained how it comforts people with little understanding of the world because of their isolation is a big forshadow for the future...

Thanks again Blake and Mary!
Sarah :)

Diane-crewe said...

Thanks for this review .. I LOVE Blake's Outlandish theories .. keep them coming xx

As a book reader (and many times REreader!) I liked this episode because it filled in gaps that Claire did not know/tell us about .. I also like the way the slight changes from the book story keep me guessing as to .. "how are they going to do this bit?"
The sex at the beginning is so reminiscent of their relationship in the books .. Jamie always reminds me of a child who learns a new skill and .. wants to PRACTICE all the time xx
When I watched the part with Colum, when he is getting ready to send Dougal away .. the term ... Colum and the weasels ... kept going through my mind !! so thanks Blake!!!
Having said that I so LOVE G..oooogle!! Keep the reviews and the nicknames coming x
Hope Mary is feeling better soon x

Dawn said...

Wonderful episode y'all!!!
I had an epiphany while listening! I think my 14 year old was stolen by the faeries and I am in possession of a changeling! This little monster can't possibly be my sweet little boy that I gave birth to!
I am also very confused by Dougal's reaction to his wife's death and please tell me, why did they have to keep saying how ugly she was? Poor lady! Stuck in a tower cause she had a "horrible countenance". Poor Maura!
Keep up the great work guys!

Mary Larsen said...

Sarah - we are going to save our response for the next cast :)

Mary Larsen said...

Thanks Diane! I'm getting there. You could probably still hear how rough I sound in the episode haha. Thank you for the kind words as always. I'm glad that Colum and The Weasels was stuck in your head haha. And as for Google - what can I say? It's a natural talent :)

Mary Larsen said...

Thanks Dawn! I'm so sorry about your changeling. The problem now is that if you put him in the woods, he'll just come back home haha.

Yeah we were surprised by Dougal's reaction too. Do you think it was genuine?

Dawn said...

Darn it, you're right! HA!
I don't think it was genuine at all. I think that he got drunk on purpose so he could pretend like he was emotional. Graham is a great actor, but I'm thinking that Dougal wouldn't be. Who knows though, she "was no bonny" but he may have loved her.

jill said...

I'm glad that Blake is continuing on the Jamie Train. And yes, Jamie does love Claire more than she loves him at this point, b/c she truly is torn between 2 men and 2 worlds. He has nothing to hold him back from fully loving her like she does right now.

I kind of take issue with everyone who does not like Claire. I see her as being extremely torn and conflicted. Her motivation and loyalty is to her first husband, and Jamie slowly is winning her over with his quality of character, but if I was in her shoes, I think I would feel the came internal conflict until there was no longer an opportunity to even consider returning to Frank. How can she really be accused of using Jamie? He's been assigned as her husband to protect her, and she has no choice in the matter right now. Should she not sleep with him, as long as she has hopes of getting back to Frank? Her protection was dependent on consumation of the relationship.

Also, Geillis was slowing poisoning her husband (in regards to the farts!). After Dougal's wife dies, Geillis sees the need to speed up his death. ;-)

Peigi said...

The opening: Morning glory: was I dreaming, or did the make up sex from 109 go on all night long and into the morning - Mega - Squeeee!

Pre-wedding, when Claire is told by Dougal that she must marry, doesn't she respond: to you??' and he says no-not possible? (ie: I'm married) Plus, what D. loves most above family and clan is Scotland and the Jacobite cause, and after screwing up, he needs to get back on Colum's good side in order to further that cause. Therefore first the over-done fit of grief and then playing the 'baby-daddy' card. Colum is SO the bigger man (gawd- what acting from both Gary Lewis and Graham McTavish!)

Peigi said...

ps- did you catch the black raven in Colum's window?

Donna said...

Hello Mary and Blake!
My name is Donna, from Arizona, I’m a bookreader and loving the series. And so happy droughtlander #1 is over!
I found your podcast, and let me say I Love Love Love it! You guys tease each other like an old married couple, and I love hearing Blake’s accent and laughter in the background. Mary, I’m with you girl on the HP references, due to my guilty pleasure of waiting weekly for the new episode of the Leaky Cauldron. I’m liking the premise for the show “non-book reader vs bookreader”
I listen at work with one earbud in and trying not to laugh out loud amonst my cowokers. I think they are curious about me.
After I saw ep 9 and 10, I giddily (is that a word?) started to hunt down some form of social interaction. None of my friends have read the book, and my husband (bless his heart) only watches to be nice. I try to explain things to help, but he just gives me the “did you say something look” because he is busted and doesn’t want to admit it. He does perk up and focus on his own private boob count. He just doesn’t get it yet. (just hanging around for the benefits)
I’ve made two official tweets, so I am a newbie to all this S&M. Bear with me.
In episode 10, I did think it was odd that Jamie, allowed Claire to pull the “don’t ask- don’t tell” card, right after she was getting a measure of trust from “the boys”. You would think it would erode her new earned on her back, street cred, and make her look suspicious and guilty of hiding information once again. (JAMMF was still in coital bliss, and I would not have been surprised if Murtagh had given Jamie the first high five for Claire’s well-loved dreamy looks)
Dougal showed a different side, by crying over his wife’s death. But I think he was just kilt-wasted , and feeling guilty. He said he didn’t deserve her, I believe. So I think he was not acting, like his side piece, Witchy Poo.
I wondered if Gellis really thinks Claire’s a witch, because she said she thought Claire would have joined her in her dance.
Felt Jamie and Claire’s goodbye kiss was especially nice, she put her arms around him, and a great heartfelt forehead kiss from Jamie. Love the chemistry of these two.
But my favorite part of the second half so far is in ep 9, during the fight between Claire and Jamie, when Claire asked Jamie to forgive her. Just the look on his sad gorgeous face, when he said right away “forgiven” (It was like “Always” by Snape, it was one word to stop time for me)
I heard the episode felt rush or disjointed, but it was important to see it, and there are only so many more episodes In this book. Probably the non-readers suffered the most, but I was ok, even with the part that was non-book. (Scairt though, because True Blood was good with the adaptation too, until it wasn’t)
Twenty years is a long time to bring a story to the screen, so I find that I’m blown away by the criticisms of each story by the people who claim to love the book. I’m committed and I want the story to succeed. But as Blake has said before, this is America, and we have a right to our opinions.
The history lessons and special guests were Awesome. Please keep up the good work, you’ve got something to be proud of.

BlakeLarsen said...

Hi Jill! Yes - I understand the predicament Claire is in. Well, within context I suppose. But, it's still hard for me to be ok with how she is acting with Jamie and the times. Sure, she's a strong woman and I like that concept. But, she needs to be smarter - you can't just run your mouth whenever you feel like it.

BlakeLarsen said...

Hi Peigi!

Now that you mention that little bit with Dougal and Claire, I do remember Dougal saying that it wasn't possible. Which definitely alludes to their being a marriage already. But I suppose as a show watcher, its hard to feel anything for Dougal when he finds out his wife is dead. We have no context. And, the way that the scene was written, I feel like we were supposed to feel badly for him. But, I didn't. It seemed like a farce to me.

BlakeLarsen said...

Hi Donna! Thank you so much for the kind words about our show! Welcome to the family! All I'm gonna say is we will address what you said on the next 'cast :)

Alison Mitchell said...

My two favourite scenes in this episode reflect back on scenes in previous episodes and show both the progression of Claire and Jamie's relationship and the contrast of it to Claire and Frank's relationship.

The first is the Changling scene. This one reminded me of Claire's thwarted escape attempt in The Gathering when she trips over Jamie. Again here, she is upset and Jamie sympathizes with her, while kindly and gently explaning how things are to her (without seeming patronizing - love this!). In The Gathering, Jamie offers to take Claire "...back up to the castle" and she reluctantly acquiesces. Here, she asks Jamie to "take [her] home." The reference is to the same place, yet both it and Jamie now represent home to her and she asks to be taken there.

The second is in Claire and Jamie's good-bye towards the end of the episode. There is a similarity here in content to Claire and Frank's good-bye at the beginning of The Way Out. However, there is a definite difference in the tone and relationship. In The Way Out, Frank pulls Claire to him as he states her stubborness being what he loves about her. She is leaning back. This is as close to holding one another that they get. They share a quick kiss after she has boarded the train and they are already physically separated. Frank asks Claire to promise she will return to him. In addition to worry for her safety, it struck me that there was a hint of insecurity in Frank's request. In this episode, you can feel the ache in both Claire and Jamie at the thought of being parted from one another. They share a long and tender kiss while holding one another close and part slowly and reluctantly. Here it is Claire that instructs Jamie to come back to her and does so with an air of pain at being separated, rather than doubt that he might. Here we see in Jamie a realization that Claire's feelings are beginning to catch up to his own and he hates to leave her. Rather than just stating that he will, he says "As soon as I can." Can't get enough of the forehead kiss!:)

I felt both of these scenes were beautifully written and acted! These are the types of scenes that make this my absolute favourite show.

BlakeLarsen said...

Alison - I love your thoughts and analysis regarding the two scenes where the couples part from one another. I did not notice the way she pulled back from Frank originally! And good god, the forehead kiss. So touching, genuine and warm. Do you believe that Jamie loves Claire more than she loves him?

Alison Mitchell said...

Thanks Blake:) I think that Jamie fell for Claire pretty quickly. While Claire definitely felt a connection and attraction, she was focussed on getting back to Frank. The longer she is with him ans the more time goes by, the harder it is for her to deny her feelings. In this last episode, we see her start to take an active part in his life and future. I think.she is also taken aback by her jealousy where Laoghaire is concerned, how sad she is to have him leave and how much she misses him when he's gone. No more plans to escape. She is catching up to where he already is.

firstlove02 said...

Mary- I just finished watching the next episode and I am sobbing right now. What a journey Ron Moore is taking us, SHOW WATCHERS
on and I can see why Jaime and Claire so beloved.... I understand now why Diana has kept such a devoted following and all her readers want to know....Is when will the story continue so many, many, books later.... I look forward to the next podcast and will leave a voicemail.... I think I will make the deadline...:)

Sarah :)

Angela Hickey said...

I know I am way late to the party here but catching up on your podcast.. I just had to insert something. When the wedding episode happened , a VERY important interaction was cut for time ..I remember book readers were upset because it was an iconic part. Its especially aggravating because they did film it.. it was a deleted scene. On the wedding night, Jamie says he knows that there are things she still doesnt want to talk about and that there is nothing between them now except friendship and respect.. which has room for secrets but not lies.. so tell him things as she feels she can and he won't force her for more. Just as he cant tell her everything right now..But when she does say something.. let it be the truth. So they can always have trust. And she says, I agree. SOOOO...this informs that scene in the beginning with Murtaugh Jamie and Claire. You would have accepted it easier. It was a mistake to cut that scene for numerous reasons and even Ron admits that on hindsight

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