Sunday, April 19, 2015

Outlander Cast: The Devil's Mark - Episode 20

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the eleventh episode of Outlander entitled, "The Devil's Mark."  In yet another EPIC episode, you'll learn all about Blake's reluctant admission, the single greatest run of Outlandish Theory of The Week's in the history of the show, the return of Ned "Billy The Kid" Gowan,  the shark from Jaws, truth and lies, why having the hard conversation is always the right thing to do, and why Mary is totally ready for a f**king barbeque..

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Katefoo said...

Hi y'all! I am giddy that Starz is releasing each ep on demand at 12:01 AM Saturdays! I am a book reader struggling to stay (show) spoiler free, and after ducking previews and upcoming clips all week, indulging on Saturday mornings is awesome; then I can actually get more involved in the community and live tweet/rewatch at 9 pm. And no inferior product problems with my sources - both Comcast and StarzPlay app have HD options.

Thanks for all you do!

Atlanta, GA

Holly Jones said...

Blake, I get that the sex scene didn't do it for you (to coin a phrase),but that was Jamie's goodbye, his last gift to her to pleasure her and be totally present for her and looking at her. I didn't find it gratuitous at all. Last week, now THAT was gratuitous (but I loved it!)
Love listening to y'all!

Holly Jones
Woodstock, GA

annegav said...

Blake -- listening to your Podcast now. I think you would find Ron Moore's podcast interesting with regard the "sex scene" in this episode. Apparently, there was a lot of back and forth amongst the writers and producers about whether to include this scene. RDM wanted it out and cites several of the same reasons you did. But, he lost the battle. It's not totally out of the blue, though, because there is some reference to a similar scene in the book that Holly mentions above. In the book scene, they actually had sex and it was about Jamie trying to memorize her features so he could remember her before he got her to the stones. I actually loved it -- well done and to me, it really shows how much Jamie loves Claire which makes the scene where he lets her go at the stones even more poignant. Keep doing what you are doing. Love you guys!
-- Anne

Alison Mitchell said...
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Alison Mitchell said...

Aw Blake - welcome aboard the Jamie train!! I very much liked this episode for the most part. All of the performances were fantastic and it flowed quite well for so much going on. I would have liked just a bit more time with Claire and Jamie. I think they could have cut the one withness that claimed to have seen Geillis fly and given just a minute of two more to Claire and Jamie.

As to the love scene, I agree with some of the other commenters that I felt it fit well with the story. Jamie knows he is sending Claire away the next day and wants one more chance to be close to her and memorize as much as he can about her, thinking that this will be all he has left. There is a line in the book where he tells her how much it pleases him that he can please her...that her body rouses to his...he had not thought of such a thing before (thanks for the bad advice Murtagh!!). Though that line is not in the show, we have scene this throughout their encounters together. I think it's also in keeping with his actions in the episode (putting her needs before his) and with where they are in there relationship. It is clear that they are now both in love with each other, but have not yet said the words and continue to express themselves more physically first.

Thanks as always for a great podcast!

(Team Jamie FTW!!:)

Bill R. said...

Nathan Hale? Reminds me to watch 'Turn' on AMC.

BlakeLarsen said...

Hey Kate! You are so lucky - you get HD version! I guess I'm in the very small minority about this subject haha.

BlakeLarsen said...

Hi Holly! Yes, last week was extremely gratuitous as well. But I understood it more. This last week just seemed like it could have been a lot more intimate than what it was portrayed. I suppose it's a little muted for me through the lens of last week. Is that possible?

BlakeLarsen said...

Anne! We love you too! I am definitely going to have to give RDM's 'cast a listen. I LOVE the idea of Jamie trying to memorize Claire's face before he lets her go. To be honest, I think I'm also a little down about it because it just doesn't seem like the most romantic way to do that. It's too on the nose for me.

Do you capture the same feeling if you have him touch her face while she sleeps? Perhaps a scene of them just staring at each other by the fire. A burning fire enchants - and it is certtainly indicative of their relationship.
Continuing with my idea of the scene being patient with itself - this would have been the perfect opportunity to continue that concept.

BlakeLarsen said...

Hi Alison!

Like I just said to Anne - I love the idea of Jamie memorizing her face. But my issue with this, and with the comparison to to the book, is that this is the show. Jamie may have said those things to Claire in the book, but in the show - thos words are not uttered. It's hard to have that kind of context about the character when there's not a lot given.

BlakeLarsen said...

Oh my god, Bill - I LOVE Turn. We actually considered doing a podcast on it :)

BlakeLarsen said...

Oh my god, Bill - I LOVE Turn. We actually considered doing a podcast on it :)

Peigi said...

Jamie's bringing Claire to the stones unawares speaks to J's iron commitment to being sure that she does what HER heart says. Anything less would tarnish his vows to her, and would make any commitment she might make to him worth less. He always does what is noblest and true to his internal sense of justice, despite the cost. He risks all and nothing less is acceptable because he will accept nothing less in return. What a man!

jill said...

Welcome aboard, Blake! Team Jamie!

Blake, I am totally with you on the gratuitous sex scene in this episode. Those scenes were, to me, much more about heart and conflict, and the sex almost cheapened that for me. But you know that I find the sex awkward, anyway. (I went to the NY premiere, where Sam and Cait discussed modesty patches while filming. Shudder.)

I was also proud of you for guessing that Geillis was a traveler!

And WHY does Verizon Fios not give us the new episodes HD On Demand? It bugs me, too. I just switched this year from Time Warner. That really bugs me about Verizon. I was very confused at first, thinking that I just could not find the HD version.

Laoghaire: Yes, she is a pig-faced little b#$%, but isn't she so perfectly cast? What do you think, Mary, as a book reader? She is exactly who I pictured, but even better!

Father Bain: Yeah, the smirk was his "tell." No way around that.

I agree w/ Mary that the end of the ep was a little unclear as to whether or not Claire *could* still go through the stones, or if she chose not to. I think we might over-think these scenes, as book readers, though. If I had not read the book, I think I would be satisfied with the implication that Claire was able to go back but chose not to.

All in all, this episode did not disappoint. I found it to be perfectly paced, and while there were some differences from the book, it satisfied all of the major plot points that needed to come to pass up to this point. A solid 5 kilts. This is tied with The Garrison Commander for me.

P.S. Mary, maybe the pregnant Druid dance in the moonlight a lá Geillis will put you in labor? :-)

- JillsyA

Donna said...

Hello Mary and Blake, Donna from AZ,....Mary hang in there, and pray for patience due to all the chest beating and crowing, you're going to hear.
I laughed when I first heard the “Geillis, is a time traveler Outlandish Theory”, because I knew Blake was on the right track. So good job Blake and way to go Mary for restraint.
I Loved the episode it was loaded, so many things. The only thing that was not clear is how Jamie came to be at the court house. 4.8 kilts
But really Blake, you felt the sex scene was thrown in?
Didn’t they just have a near death experience, being outnumbered, where he had to save Claire once, again, she’d been jailed and beaten, scared for days of burning, and without hope of rescue. Jamie had just learned the mother of all secrets, and knows now she was trying to get back to the stones. He just realizes he has himself, thwarted about 4 of her attempts to get back. There were a lot of emotional things that just happened between them.…This man cares deeply and already said he cares for her more than Lally Broch, and he said that she was his home!….Also, Jamie knew that he was finally taking her to where he felt she needed to be, because, he could not keep her safe as he would like, and it is probably hard to rid the stigma of WITCH, plus there was the little matter of still being hunted by the English soldiers. So for the last time, in his mind, he just wants to remember her for her passion, and see her when she was most beautiful. I feel he was even afraid to kiss her because he probably felt that he would not have the strength to stop. Just one final time to give her something to think about, you know, if she was on the fence.

Have a great week!

Alison Mitchell said...

Fair enough. For me, it fit with where they're at and how they express those feelings at this point (mostly physically). It was not just her sleeping face he wanted to remember:)

Caryl G said...

Hi Mary and Blake,

Movie buffs that you are, did you catch that the line Clare said to Jamie at the conclusion, "On your feet, soldier," (used in episode 1 as well), was the same thing Sarah Conner said to time traveler Kyle Reese near the end of "The Terminator"?

firstlove02 said...

I LOVE Turn a lot and loved the first 3 episodes of season 2 so far. Jamie Bell is fantastic in it.

If you do a podcast for Turn, I will be there as a listener.

La Cresecenta

barbara wismer said...

I totally agree with Alison. Knowing he was going to lose her, he wanted only to put in his memory the fact that he had the ability to give her pleasure. And I simply don't believe that this crew includes any gratuitous sex scenes - it's all about love and learning each other. It always "moves the story along".

barbara wismer said...

A podcast from Mary and Blake for Turn? SIGN ME UP!

A.J. White said...

Hi! I just started listening to your podcasts and love them. Wanted to stop by and comment on something Blake said during this podcast. Blake noted that there seemed to be a line of dialogue missing from Claire after Jamie said his "there's nothing here for you" line. Blake, you are absolutely right: a key line of dialogue was missing here and it's one of my favorites in the book. Claire responds "is there really nothing here for me, Jamie?" Jamie doesn't respond because he doesn't want to influence her decision and he also probably feels like if he opens his mouth he might beg her to stay. I just live how he respects her right to make her own decision. Another example of why JAMMF is awesome.

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