Saturday, May 23, 2015

Outlander Cast Chats w/ Outlander Director: Mike Barker - Episode 26

Mary and Blake discuss The Devil's Mark and Lallybroch with Mike Barker, the director of each episode.  In this interview you'll learn all about: how he came aboard Outlander, making the courtroom a lively experience, the process of putting together an episode of Outlander, how Mike and Toni Graphia acted out all of the scenes by themselves, creating sympathy for the world of fairies, Fr. Bain, the hardest scene he shot and why it may surprise you, how the most important scene in Lallybroch was agreed upon in a Glasgow restaurant, how Little Jack Randall may not be so little,  an hysterical story about Sam Hueghan's man parts and much more!.

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Racquel Morgan said...

Fun Interview. Blake, eventually tYou will become a Team Jamie, read some books. Hope this was pre baby Got my shirt. Saving it for my birthday. Thanks.

firstlove02 said...

Hi Mary and Blake,

Thank you for another lovely podcast. Director Mike Barker was such a fun interview. Thank you to him for being so generous with his time. Love his funny stories.... What a trooper Sam is for being in that freezing water for 15 takes. Also, thanks to Mike and Toni for being brave enough to "go there" in the spirit of fairness. Tobias, you are fearless. Bravo!

Mary and Blake- You guys have the best interviews. I enjoy all of them. You make your guest feel so comfortable.

Keep up the great work,
La Crescenta

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