Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Outlander Cast: The Search - Episode 24

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the fourteenth episode of, "Outlander" entitled, "The Search." In this episode, you'll learn all about breast milk expression, why people are going to hate Blake after this episode, why Thelma and Louise is not a good comparison, Jack Bauer, why the show continues to spin it's wheels, and why Matt Roberts may never speak to us again.

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Drowning InScot said...

Who is this chap? 2.75 rating? Has he even read the books?

Caryl G said...

Hi Mary and Blake,

I'm still listening to the podcast, but so far agree with Blake--this is my least favorite episode by far. I give it a 2.8 kilt rating. The first 20 minutes of Claire and Jenny to the rescue is 4 glorious kilts; the last 20 minutes of Claire and Murdoch bonded and recruiting help, plus the scene with Dougal is 3.5 kilts strong; but the middle 20 minutes of Monty Python-esque, pointless riding around was a ridiculous 1 kilt. For the first time in the season, I got up to make popcorn and have a bio-break.

Extra call out for Jenny's bionic breasts. This is the first time I've ever scene this on t.v. and I think they did a tremendous job. Not only the prosthetic maker (described in Ron's pod cast) but also the matter-of-fact tone taken by both Jenny and Claire in the scene. Fabulous!

By the way, Mary, whenever there's the least little delay in you guys posting your podcast, I imagine you're at the hospital fetching your own little "wee Maggie." Sending strong energy to you both on your continued good health.

BlakeLarsen said...

No, I haven't read the books. That's the fun behind it :) Just out of curiosity, what would have reading the books done to alter my kilt rating?

BlakeLarsen said...

Hi Caryl! Thanks for the well wishes. Yeah, we've had a couple close calls. Trust me, we'll post it all over Facebook, twitter, and instagram for everyone to see when it's that time. You guys are our family too.

BlakeLarsen said...

Hi Caryl! Thanks for the well wishes. Yeah, we've had a couple close calls. Trust me, we'll post it all over Facebook, twitter, and instagram for everyone to see when it's that time. You guys are our family too.

Peigi said...

Jamie may be King of Men, but Murtagh is A Prince! And Duncan is the proud recipient of multiple kilts for taking a long, pointless 1/3 of the show and just killing it - and everything else in sight. Funny to look back to the book, where DG calls him a 'rat faced Scot'. Remember when we couldn't tell 'the boys' apart? Says a lot for the actors and the entire show that we now know and care about each of them. 2.99 kilts and Emmy nominations for 2 wonderful shaggy eyebrows!

Linda Bouley said...

I want to put my 2.5 Kilt observation down 1st before listening to the podcast My issue with this episode is that it is not true to the title...The Search. I say that because 'Finding Jamie' should always be fully present, like another character. A quest has tension & forward movement and this romp did not. In the beginning Jenny and Claire started off on track, but I didn't like the Thelma & Louise feel. Murtagh's plan was a poor one...here's where we could have used a solid adaptation ...something that made more sense and moved things forward more. Claire's stubbornness around the song & Murtagh's not taking charge once she made that error made no sense. And they hardly talked about Jamie...was he still safe?, will they reach him in time?. Instead Murtagh's dancing is funny & being mocked and they seem to be bouncing around almost having fun. Claire finally let some emotion show when Murtagh told her Jamie was like a son to him (good scene...brought Jamie back into the picture). The Dougal scene brought the tension back, but in a weird way because the shock of the marriage deal seemed to take Jamie out of focus again. The weak middle stretch could have been helped by less song & dance etc and some flashes to Jamie's escape and recapture by the dragoons...maybe even his first encounter with BJR at Wentworth. Okay, gonna check out what you guys had to say.

firstlove02 said...

Hi Mary and Blake,

Once again, thank you for a wonderful podcast. I really enjoyed it and thank you for including my hotline voicemail and responding to it Blake. *Wild Boar Tusk bracelets never looked so lovely*.... Shows what a primitive culture they have. LOVE YOU Murtagh.

Mary- You are quite the trooper in your state of pregnancy and still podcasting. You are the real star through this whole thing. Wishing you and Blake a happy, healthy, baby in the very near future! Congratulations.

I loved that this episode was received so differently by the viewers, the disparity of the ratings from 2.5 to 5 kilts is so interesting to me. I love it! Love your 2.75 kilt rating Blake....you are so precise, is that the baker in you?

I can't believe that season 1b only has 2 more episodes and I am biting my nails on edge for what Jamie is going through in Wentworth prison and I know I may be watching with my eyes covered, peeking through my fingers and a box of tissues near by..... All the things that GREAT TV should make us feel and experience! Thank you STARZ and Ron Moore!!!!

Take care guys!
La Crescenta, CA

Heather S said...

I have read the books and still only give this episode 3 kilts. It felt like a different show entirely and not in a good way, but a cheesy way. It was the ridiculous song and dance routine that ruined it for me. I thought it was odd in the books also but at least it only lasted about a page and a half. However, I LOVE the Outlander show as a whole and feel very fortunate about how the vast majority of it is being handled.

Aki_Illinois said...

Hello Mary and Blake,

I discovered your podcast couple of episodes ago and I have gone back to listen to some of your 2014 show. I really like your show. I think it is fantastic and I feel very connected to you guys. My favorite thus far was your hilarious review of “The Watch.” Awesome stuff – made my day!

I love having not only a male and female point of view on your show but also a point of view of a book and non-book reader, as I was in the non-book reader camp during Season 1 – Part 1.

I never post stuff on social media, etc., but started listening to you guys and feeling so connected and after your last episode reviewing ‘The Search” I knew that I needed to reach out and give you some support for two reasons:
1) Support Mary as I can sense/hear that you are really getting tired, which is understandable being 40 weeks pregnant! And so I wanted to tell you that you are doing great and I wish you and Blake a quick and easy delivery of a healthy baby. Hang in there. I also wanted to tell you that I love, love, love, love your sense of humor. You are so hilarious and you just crack me up.
2) Support Blake for his 2.75 kilt rating of the last episode.

Just little background…I saw Season 1 – Part 1 of Outlander (together with my hubby) before I ready any books. Then I thought about reading and when I saw Book 1 being like 700 pages, I did not think I will read it (as I have never read anything more than 400 pages long that I actually enjoyed or did not have to read)…but eight books later, now I am joining Season 1 – Part 2 after reading ALL the books.

I like your podcast for its honesty and truly Blake do not apologize for any of your ratings…I love Outlander but I can also keep the books/movie separate and my love of it from influencing me in (as much as possible) unbiased opinion (there were some parts of the Outlander books, which I did not like either ;-) I am sorry but I would give “The Search” a 2.5 kilt rating.

I would agree with Blake’s statements “I had no idea what I just watched’ and that it felt like it was a ‘bunch of deleted scenes’ – especially the middle part. I think it is very healthy for the non-book readers to keep us all in check how things are perceived as having read the stories I do have a tendency of adding ‘missing information’ whenever I see things and they don’t exactly make sense, as I know why things are certain way but non-book readers don’t have the luxury of that knowledge and so things just sometimes are a bit confusing/strange to non-bookers. ;-) Like the moment when Claire suddenly told Jenny about planting potatoes, and etc…it was so random…

The whole singing and dancing was just awful…not that Caitriona does not have a beautiful voice but I just thought I saw more of Caitriona – the actress rather then Claire…the shedding of Claire clothes almost made Claire disappear for me and I just felt like the boy-dressed-up Claire was really out of character from our Claire. Same with Murtagh…I felt like the whole entertainment gig was totally out of his typical, quiet, serious, keep-to-self manner. I felt so bad watching the middle…I was fighting with my own feelings…trying so hard to like it, but when I heard Blake, I realized that I felt the same way and I wanted to thank you for being honest and keeping me in check…as I felt exactly the same. I also listen to Ron Moore’s podcast and he was saying how this was ‘one of his favorite episodes’…and I was truly so confused by that…how could that be? But I thought that this episode was probably ‘easier’ and ‘lighter’ for him then the typical emotionally draining ones he has to produce. ;-)

So long story short…”The Search” was 2.5 kilt rating for me….

Good luck and good night!

Aki S.

P.S. I really like your website, it has a very warm, purple theme thing going on…very cool ;-)

BlakeLarsen said...

Heather - I agree with you. It took every ounce of tension that had built up in the previous episodes and just blew it up. And then, there wasn't enough time to rebuild it before the scenes with Dougal.

BlakeLarsen said...

I'd be the first person to back an Emmy nomination for eyebrows :)

BlakeLarsen said...

Haha yes, Sarah, that is entirely the baker in me. Although, I must say - as time goes along, I really want to rescind my kilt rating and bring it down even lower. I think this is just as bad as Rent.

BlakeLarsen said...

Aki - thank you so much for the kind words about our show and the website! And, as always, welcome to the family :)

Thanks for backing me up in the rating. It's good to hear that there are book readers out there who can parse the difference between the books and the show. So often, book readers want a literal translation from book to TV, and it just doesn't work that way. Ever. Just ask Game of Thrones people.

As for Ron Moore - sometimes he worries me. Listen, he's great at his craft and I cannot deny him that. But I was a TNG fan way more than DS9, BSG was good, but the ending was botched, and if this was his favorite episode of Outlander, then I'm getting even more worried.

It's sad that within only 14 episodes, 2 have already had less than 3 Kilt ratings, and about half have been 3.5 or less. There has only been two episodes of real transcendent material, and that seems to be sub par for a premium channel show in this "golden age" of television.

Yes, it's beautfiul. Yes, it's detailed. But, where is the overall feeling? Where is the consistency? And why the hell are we worried about a song and dance routine when the tension that was naturally built up led to a totally different route?

The tension was built up to have Claire make a choice - how far would she go to save Jamie? They approached it early on with the redcoat, and then it petered away when she was never forced to make a choice again. There was nothing morally ambiguous about giving money, or singing. She just did what she did because it was in front of her.

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