Monday, May 4, 2015

Outlander Cast: The Watch - Episode 23

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the thirteenth episode of Outlander entitled, "The Watch." In this episode, you'll learn all about: how much we hate Horrocks, Inglorious Basterds, horseshoes and ninjas, Outlander birth, why "Chicago" is a swear word in our family, pineapples and Oatmeal Cream Pies, saying "just breathe" is the worst advice you can give a woman, why a listener will get their own segment going forward, and how one listener totally ruined Blake's Outlandish Theory Of The Week!.

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April Norton said...

I can't wait to see ninja Ian & Yoda Ian memes!
Pregnancy talk. .. my husband's boss called & promoted him seconds before I gave birth to our now 18 month old. Hubby was all "that's great but they're telling her to push now" He was gone 2 days later in new position & I had a week to pack up the whole house with a ten year old & newborn. As for Ian missing the actual no. I threatened my husband that if he ever missed the births he'd also miss the rest of their lives.

Cynthia Kalina said...

Mary and Blake... my husband and I really enjoy your podcast. Both of us love this series and we also have different takes on what we see. So fun to compare notes. Blake, thanks for posting that chat about the Jacobite cause. I also had to google Culledon and found a black and white documentary talking about the people responsible, the effects on the culture, even details on specific people. For example, one British soldier was lashed 800 times the day before the battle (for looting I think) , and he was expected to fight the very next day! It broke my heart, but it has added much needed depth to the story for me. The clans seemed to be at odds so much so, that they would steal, murder, rape, and other sundry activities so that many were more fearful of a particular clan than of redcoats. Hence, needed to hire your own "police force" aka, the Watch. Yep, I get it now!

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