Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Outlander Cast: Wentworth Prison (Part 2) - Episode 27

Mary and Blake discuss all the Listener Feedback from Wentworth Prison in it's own very special episode. In this episode, you'll learn all about: some really major announcements we have, Sam vs. Tobias' performance, why Claire is DEFINITELY going back to Frank, Denzel Washington, why Claire is Liam Neeson, comparisons to Hannibal Lecter and Dexter, Back To The Future, Blake's favorite Outlandish Theory Of The Week yet, and much more!.

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Nokomis Florida said...

Love the way you guys keep putting out shows even when Starz takes a week off.

Bill in Nokomis

Sk8rknitr said...

Just listened to this podcast and want to comment on Blake saying that Jamie didn't go back through the stones. In the first episode, there was a scene where Claire was in their hotel, brushing her hair in the window, and Frank, on his way to the hotel, sees a highlander staring up at the window. That very well could have been Jaime, maybe looking for Claire, but he came back too soon, before Claire herself had traveled to 1743. That of course implies that at some point, Claire herself does go back to Frank. Or maybe Jamie had gone through before Claire ever did, fell in love with her at that window, and that's why he believes her story so easily and was so protective of her right from the beginning?

Sk8rknitr said...

Meant to add that I'm Claire (really!) from Dacula, GA though I grew up in Quincy and lived in greater Boston area for a wicked long time, shall we say.

firstlove02 said...

Hi Mary and Blake,

You guys are the best for having a whole episode, just on listener feedback.

The coming of the season 1 finale tomorrow is truly bittersweet, but I have enjoyed it all. Thank you Mary and Blake for giving us listeners a place to be and share in all the Outlander Love out there.

Thank you for including my voicemail this week and commenting on it.

Blake- I am with you, that I am so thankful that they did not include the Claire killing a wolf segment. I am a show watcher only, this must have been wonderful in the book, but as an adaptation to a tv show, that would have come across as so strange with CGI that would not belong in this adaptation to TV. Thank you Ron Moore for that.

Hope you all are well,
La Crescenta

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