Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Outlander Cast: To Ransom A Man's Soul - Episode 28

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the sixteenth episode of, "Outlander," entitled, "To Ransom A Man's Soul."  In this episode you'll learn all about: Felicity's first appearance, why Starz has got some guts, why good can only be measured against evil, Interstellar and how love conquers all, the continuing growth of Outlander's cinematic nature, an interesting story about Mary's Mom, how Bear McCreary just nails it, the need of Black Jack Randall, and be sure to stick around for a special treat at the end of the show!.

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The Lost Season 1 finale final scene

Outlander Writers congratulating us on the birth of Felicity:

Matt Roberts' Tweet Of The Week:

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened—Dr. Suess @Outlander_Starz #OutlanderFinale #OutlanderS2

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chris said...

Bonjour ! Hello !
Congrats for your Felicity( is it a tribute to the curly TV Felicity?)
Just discovered your podscat few weeks ago. Binge listened it. My favorite : the one with Anne Foerster.
Fantastic episode due the quality of the brilliant acting. Disturbing because of the graphic content.But as a viewer ( didn't read the books, never heard of them prior to the TV show) I want to be challenged.
In the eye of the Roman Catholic Church: adultery is a sin. Not a capital one but a sin anymay. Claire did commit bigamy and by consequence adultery by default and enjoyed every second of it. She broke her first wedding vows.
The scene in gaelic was a great and necessary decision by the prod team. Don't forget gaelic is Jamie first language. People who grew up up bilingual or who speak a language at home which is different from the one spoke in the society( outside world) tend to naturally switch to their mother tongue when they have suffered a trauma or dealing with sensitive, extreme emotional feelings.
The thruth and essence of the discussion was perfectly conveyed : brilliant acting once again.
PS: Brilliant acting, writing , cinematography , music, costumes, etc...

Chris from somwhere near Paris.

Sue Kilgore said...

Congratulations on the new baby Felicity! I listen to several Outlander podcasts and yours is my favorite. This episode was hard to watch and violent but I feel that in the time frame of the TV show it had to be so that viewers would understand what Jamie really went through emotionally as well as physical. As a book reader we had the luxury of a longer time frame to explore what happened. I will keep listening. Bye Sue Kilgore Salem Oregon

Jean Darnell said...

I agree with Chris' comment about returning to your native tongue when stressed. Even though I didn't understand a "lick-bit" of Gaelic, what continues to impress me is the emotional expression of the Outlander cast! The energy they're able to muster and extend is awe-inspiring, needless to say convincing.
-Jamie feeling broken and Claire seeing her mate bent, not broken (to quote the artist Pink's lyrics) and having to heal the hand AND the man-astonishing!!
-At first, I was a bit miffed at Jamie's reaction when Claire told him she was expecting, but then after mulling over it, I equated it to him breathing new life, a necessary gasp of fresh air, even if he didn't show it. Men aren't emotional, unless you count the rejection he gave Claire. But the weird reaction came from my brother--who I converted onto the show because I'm infatuated with anything Outlander (kinda)--who thought that Jamie overreacted in wanting to kill himself; he felt Jaime should've been thankful for life. Let me preface that by stating that he's a macho, muscular 6'3" Jamie in our family; however, I will further qualify that with he's never been married, vulnerable nor have I seen him love a woman deeply, as deep as Jaime. So eh...

I agree with Blake, regarding the dominance of Black Jack Randall over Jamie, enough to sleep, which I concur with Blake, who the hell sleeps next to their rapist, Jamie couldn't be worse in suffering? And yes, Black Jack (BJR) would've relished Jamie's death in the purest of sadist obsession. Let's not forget how beyond screwed up BJR is.
-Also, can we discuss how Jamie was a VIRGIN and only with Claire. To have his 2nd sexual partner to be BJ, the sadist rapist? Geeze, Louise! The mental Alpha (wacko) against the physical Alpha (brawn).
-On another note, Diana G. captures the many facets of a woman in loving someone because come hell to high water, only a woman would venture to into hell/dark for their loved one. Women are healers, nurturers, lovers and more, naturally. Hence the true meaning of a feminist! :) On a side note, I'm humming Humpty Dumpty right now because Claire sure did/will have to put Jamie back together again!
-Back to the intensity of the episode, I didn't care for the "Christ scene," but understood the allegory. It's just a constant theme of sacrifice between good/evil. Every epic saga has it in some manner. It caters to the ongoing saga between light/dark, good/evil, man/woman, Christ/Man, etc. In the book, Claire's viewpoint in heavily emphasis. I understand that Jamie's broken, but Claire's broken too and handling it in the strongest way possible, which includes carrying/repairing Jamie, while pregnant and having to face the fact that she ventured back into time to love a man that at this point wants to quit. I feel a little short changed. At that point, I felt that the male viewpoint presided and they didn't transcend that strength from the book as I hoped.
-Sin = a list of all the sins, each one can be justified in favor of acceptance: Claire marrying Jamie though she was married to Frank; Jamie, Claire, Jenny, Murtagh (he's wrecklessly and wisely the best godfather, friend and companion Jaime/Claire could ever ask for), BJR and killing; etc. That's how I feel about religion. It's all perspective and that's a slope that slips the best of us. The spirit, however, is ownership of yourself in every fiber of life. Religion looks toward the spirit. That's my take on it.

Jean Darnell said...

(cont.) -Sam Heughan owns his performances every second of film and his praises cannot be sung enough. The conviction is monumental. I haven't seen better acting in a long time. It makes me wonder if his natural self is close to the character of Jamie...hmm...wishful thinking, perhaps.
-But never forget that Caitronia Balfe is just as mesmerizing, if not more. She holds frame like a hypnotist and I know that her exquisite beauty in artistry is beyond compare. They're dynamite together and she resonates with me, as I hope she does with Diana as the most remarkable representation of Claire.
-I will end with this final comment-"butt sex." It's oh, so good! Bhahahahaha! :)

firstlove02 said...

Hi Mary, Blake and Felicity!

Congrats Mary and Blake on you bonnie wee lassie!!! I loved the Outlander IPOD over the hospital crib. Precious! The little baby coos and noises throughout the podcast made me giggle and I so loved it. Precious little girl. Have fun being newborn parents, I send you best wishes and hope you get some sleep.

Mary- I loved how you handled the situation on when Outlander collides with grandparents, just because of the situational stucture of your lives. Blake wanted to hide, but you were so brave to take the step to handle the anatomy and physiology of what took place in that scene, to better inform your mom and answer her question. Recuperating from having a 9 pound baby and what your body just went though, I commend you highly because I have been there and done that. BRAVO MARY......YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

Mary and Blake- I think this podcast is your very best one so far and I have listened to each and every episode so far. I look forward to the "one a month" podcast you both have in store for us, your devoted listeners. Congrats as well for the recognition from the Outlanderwriters. I am so excited for you and love that they are listeners as well. It is well deserved Mary and Blake. You both are so dedicated and work so hard to produce such a lovely podcast that I enjoy so much and truly look forward to.

Blake- You were right in the skill of the writing, directing, editing and music of this show. I think it is only fitting that Ron Moore writes the finale of the show he is has created. He should be so proud of the TV adaptation he is undertaking. It is his first and I really can see he has a firm handle of what his vision IS and IS NOT. And I think he has remained true to his word on that as evidenced by what he has presented. His show has "raised the bar" on TV shows in general and the period drama in particular in the production of it.....All the way to the buttons on Jamie's waist coat. Kudos Terry Dresbach!!! I saw his costume in person at "The Grove" in LA and those buttons were gorgeous.... along with the wedding dress. Just take a look at Murtagh and his whole costume with his big smile as he looks upon Claire and Jamie in a happy embrace on that Tall Ship in the end. Emmy worthy in so many categories for sure. I think Emmy nominations will be announced soon, so I have my fingers crossed for Outlander in many categories.

Kendra- Congrats on your segment here on Outlandercast. I don't agree with some of your points, but you presented your point very well. Kudos to you.

Blake- 4.8 Kilt rating just kills me with laughter because last time it was 4.75. How do you measure .05 improvement is beyond me. I love it though, you are precious!!! I loved your " co-pay" comment regarding Jamie's injuries.

Until next podcast, Mary and Blake...

Thank you,
La Crescenta

firstlove02 said...

Hi Chris from somewhere near Paris,

As a bilingual speaker myself, you are absolutely spot on with your comment about the gaelic scene. It was handled perfectly and the acting had to be really on such a skilled level to pull that off...and Sam and Duncan did. I believed that Murtagh and Jamie were having a conversation in their mother tongue because the level of meaning is conveyed best that way between them and their relationship.

firstlove02 said...

.....I just wanted to add....

I sincerely hope that one of the new shows you will be adding to your new shows you podcast is "Turn" on AMC...... That show is another period drama that I am in love as well... I love British actor Jamie Bell in the starring role.... *fingers-crossed* you have considered this show to create a podcast for.....because you have this listener for sure!!!

Thank you again....

chris said...

Hi jean,
Interesting comment about sin. My point was in response to blake's question.( why claire thinks she's a sinner/and what kind of sin she was talking about if i remember correctly). I have no pb with claire bigamy or adultery. as a viewer and book reader in general, i found complex characters with flaws and turnmoils more interesting.
Let's not forget that to have a perspective you need a starting point. In the religious context of outlander or at least this episode it is the catholic church and its definition of what is a sin or maybe the most important claire system of values, moral sense ( her reaction to frank questioning her faithfullness)so considering how she's depicted I thought the reference to the sin wasn't to much. she might not be religious but she has a strong sense of loyalty and comitment( i might be wrong. Haven't read the series). Anyway i am not sure sins can be justified but they are certainly forgiven thru contrition or confession. And she does so.(If there is some devout catholics outthere feel free to correct me...). Last words: the historical context of outlander is important. 18th scotland, celtic paganism , predominence of catholic faith in the highlands. Religion was not an accessoire and the redeming of the soul was in the back of everybody's mind. Except black jack randall obviously...
See, I am turning into an outlander junky.
Au revoir et bonne nuit ( yes it's actually 2 am here in france)

NatiPerez said...

Hi Larsen Family! Congrats on baby Felicty!!! What a bundle of joy :).
Great podcast! Thanks for your time and dedication.

My comment is a about what you mentoon regarding Jamie's recovery. Jaime is not even close to healed. In the book the time in the abbey is long, dark, painful and represents all the steps of him going towards the light.
The show didn't have the time to go through that process. He just made the first step which was making the decision to live.
They will have to "address" his healing by weaving it into S2's Initial episodes. I think I read something Diana answered in an interview in LA last week where she mentions something about his healing going into S2.
Last thing is that I totally agree with you guys. BJR's impact on Jamie's life is absolutely true not only because of the flogging but mostly because of what happened in Wentworth (physical and emotional)... That is a theme throughout the books but it lessens with time though or I guess new things (good and not so good) happen to him that shape his life as well.
Anyhow, the healing of his soul just started along with the journey to a new life, the baby, trying to change the future and most of all, his love for Claire.
More exciting adventures to discuss next year! ;)
Thank you again!!! Looking forward to the interviews you have planned for Droughtlander.
Natalia Perez
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Suzanne Robertson said...

Hi Mary and Blake! Congrats on your newest baby bundle! I just finished listening to your podcast To Ransom A Man’s Soul and had a few thoughts. I think Blake has great insight to the religious aspects he brought up regarding Claire’s confession to Brother Anselm. Blake if you don’t read any of the Outlander books—please read the exerpt between Claire and Brother Anselm. The discussion is more than a confession—it extends for more than one meeting and Brother Anselm takes time to think and pray on some of the things Claire has told him. Where he believes her situation to be “such a marvel”, he also suggests “it may also be regarded as a signal mark of God’s favor,”….”if you have been deprived of your earlier life, perhaps it is only that God has seen fit to bless you with another, that may be richer and fuller.” Their discussion continues regarding canon law, and other aspects of Claire’s experiences during her new time (1740’s), & suggestions to how Claire can view her situation. Brother Anselm: “A good marriage is one of the most precious gifts from God…If you had the good sense to recognize and accept the gift, it is no reproach to you” when Claire explained her inability to return to her own time when Jamie took her to the stones after the witch trial.
But one thing has really stuck with me, even years after reading Outlander. Claire expresses her relief that Brother Anselm believes her unbelievable story: “Ma chere, I serve a man who multiplied the loaves and fishes…who healed the sick and raised the dead. Shall I be astonished that the master of eternity has brought a young woman through the stones of the earth to do His will?” Great food for thought.
Thanks so much for your wonderful podcasts! Suzanne Robertson, DFW Texas

Kathy Van Wesep said...

Hi Mary and Blake

Congratulations on the arrival of Felicity. I am relatively new to your podcasts and have listened to select ones and will go back to the beginning. I loved the interview with Anne Foerster for "The Wedding" and hope that you will have another one with her to discuss "Wentworth" and "To Ransom a Man's Soul" which she brilliantly directed. I agree with you that valuable screen time was wasted on giving 2 episodes to "The Watch" and "The Search" (least favorite episode all season). Knowing that they only had 4 more hours to wrap up the season, using 2 of them for those episodes made it impossible for them to give "To Ransom a Man's Soul" the time it deserved in the aftermath of Jamie's rescue. Diana Gabaldon said there were 3 climaxes in Book 1 - Claire's decision not to go through the stones and stay with Jamie, Claire's rescue of Jamie from Wentworth, and Claire's reclaiming of Jamie's soul which was not dealt with properly. They are going to deal with the healing process in Season 2 and I trust that they will represent it in a way that satisfies the viewers and readers of the books. That being said, these last two episodes blew me away. The courage it took to bring those horrific and disturbing scenes in Wentworth to life on a TV show is beyond belief. For that alone, the show, it's writers, directors, actors and creative team deserve to sweep the Emmy's this year. Everyone brought their A game and went for it with all they had putting their own fears and apprehensions aside. Poor Sam had to get drunk and climb the hills of Scotland for days alone to decompress. So glad he had that Indy film to do during the hiatus to "reboot". Tobias Menzies was terrifying, Catroina Balfe's "glass face" telegraphed Claire's pain and concern in a way no words could, and Sam Heughan made himself so vulnerable let us see his fear, pain and shame. WOW! How do you top that?

I wanted to make a comment in response to your not understanding why they did not bring in the "koos" at night. They knew that all the soldiers would be in the front of the prison focused on the opening ceremonies of the day and that they would be making sufficient noise so that they would not hear the "koos" approach and enter the prison from the rear of the prison. That also left fewer soldiers in the prison guarding the prisoners, thus reducing any chances of them being over powered by redcoats as they attempted to rescue Jamie.

Sheryl Overby said...

Hi Mary and Blake,
Love your podcasts, your Boston accent and your interviews. I have one little tidbit to comment on regarding the scenes of Jamie going along with parts of the assault from BJR. He was COMPLYING, which is not consent but it is also not fighting back either. I am a mental health therapist specializing in sexual abuse issues and many victims/survivors comply with their abuser as a way to survive the abuse. Unfortunately, most survivors (and Jamie) feel blame for the assault, if they didn't fight back for every single second. Jamie also COOPERATED with the assault by giving himself the brand, but this is not consent either. Cooperation is not Jamie's choice, it's a consequence of the abuse he already experienced. But, BJR uses this as a tactic to convince Jamie that he is an equal partner in the assault, since he cooperated. This episode was TOTALLY REAL with BJR's mixture of tenderness and brutality and the resulting psychological damage. On one hand, it helps the viewer understand what Jamie really went through, but it also made ME feel like I was at work, listening, no, watching, a client's story. The sexual assault in this episode was YUCKY (my expert clinical term) but TRUE. I also agree that it should have been two hours, I needed more time in happy land with Claire after the assault, even so, I give this episode 5 kilts,

Peigi said...

Is it too early to lobby for 2 hour finales for season 2, season 3, season .... ?

You two bring so much to the Outlander community - thanks so much!

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