Thursday, June 25, 2015

Outlander Cast: To Ransom A Man's Soul (Part 2 - Listener Feedback) - Episode 29

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss all the listener feedback from To Ransom A Man's Soul.  In this episode you'll learn all about: being wicked tired, Claire's sin(?), the finale being rushed, Jamie's mission statement, people quitting on Outlander, the finale being a necessary experience, reliving the sex conversation with Mary's mom, the Emmy question, deserving BJR's backstory, the deal with Jamie's ghost and changing the future, the only way they could have redeemed The Search, the difference between consent and cooperation, and why Blake needs to smell more like Jamie..

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AkaAki157 said...

Hi Mary & Blake,

My Comments on your new episodes:
• Newborn – Hang in there! Blake – thank you for being honest that you are so damn tired having a newborn. When I had my son I just heard from these ‘perfect’ parents around me with ‘perfectly behaved’ babies and my son would just NOT SLEEP! I was exhausted all the time.
• Ditto Copies of Human Anatomy - I loved Mary’s story how she got kicked out of health class as she was giggling while going over cartoon pictures of human anatomy. The most hilarious part was when she was considering ‘coloring’ them in (40:40);
• Cooperation not same as Consent - Sheryl (mental health specialist) comment about cooperation during abuse not being the same as consent was very on helpful in understanding why Jamie should not feel guilty (1:09:25)
• Hotsprings – I agree that although very important in the book it would have been ‘out of place’ in the finale. It would have been too soon for comfort for me after the rape by JBR. I just hope it is not forgotten in S2. ;-)
• Claire’s sin – well maybe she sinned and maybe she didn’t. Considering the situation, she did the best she could. If she did feel that she was making a choice to stay b/u she was afraid to go back (not sure how and if she would survive, etc.) then she did not commit adultery, but if she stayed b/u she wanted to be with Jamie rather than Frank then she did. But love can show up on your doorsteps while you are trying to be faithful…and although wrong, we are all sinners after all and I do not hold it against her.
• Emmy’s – I did not realize that you pick just 1 episode for Emmy consideration. If you pick “Garrison Commander’ then JBR and Claire’s strength will be well represented, but not Jamie’s. Or is this only for ‘Outlander’ best show consideration? I need to read up on how does this actually work.
• Translation of Muztagh & Jamie’s’ conversation – did you say you will have a link on your website somewhere?
• Maril Davis – the Executive Producer on #Outlander with Ron Moore. I am so surprised how little we have seen of her. I read a summary of her chat on Twitter and she is very much eager to be invited to ‘panels’ and I totally think she should. It would be great if you have her on your podcast.
• JBR vs. Frank – I have no trouble keeping them separate. To me it is like treating Twins – they may look alike but are often very different.


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