Monday, January 25, 2016

Outlander Cast: BONUS EPISODE - A Review Of Star Wars The Force Awakens - Episode 36

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss all things STAR WARS in this LIVE listener requested BONUS episode of Outlander Cast dedicated to Star Wars The Force Awakens.  In this episode, you'll learn all about teen angst, the not so clear politics of the realm in the film, the meaning of "balance" in the Force, the Skywalker lineage, the Solo lineage, why Mary has beef with Leia, Snoke theories, why the wine may have started to creep in on this episode, Lightsabers vs. wands, Max Von Sydow is Bob, Rey theories, Kylo Ren being a poser, Star Wars being the stuff of myth and American culture, why the writers earned THAT scene, Episode Eight theories, one of Blake's best Outlandish Theories of the Week yet, and much more..

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Cathy Sosinski said...

Loved this podcast!

Cathy Sosinski said...

Loved this podcast!

Linda Morrison said...

Really enjoyed this podcast. Blake, I agree that Rey is a Skywalker. I have a theory of my own about Poe. We know that twins run in the Skywalker family. I think Poe is a secret twin to Rey. He has a tremendous resemblance to Ben Solo. THAT might be the reveal that elevates Poe into more of the leadership role you predicted for the progression of the trilogy. Your thoughts?

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