Friday, February 19, 2016

Outlander Cast Breaks Down The Outlander Season 2 Trailer

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss and break down the trailer for Outlander season 2.  In this episode, you'll learn about: our first official podcast of season 2, why Blake STILL won't read the books and why he's proud of it, what the Frasers are doing in France, pregnancy issues, crazy Claire, the Randall family tree and what that means, alluding the the big reveal, why the reveal may not be as big as we originally thought it was, how the show could be organized in structure, our favorite shots in the trailer, our surprising kilt ratings, what the possibility of changing the future is,  and much more..

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Kendie said...

Loved your podcast. Mary you kept your mouth shut so well.

Blake after the season has been shown - read the book

Tall Mom Media said...

Thanks so much for the kind words! It was a lot of fun to work on this episode. But, like he said, Blake will never read the books while the show is on air.

Rana Rofifah said...

So I discovered your podcasts about a month ago and adore them! I've always wanted to discuss Outlander with other people, but no one goes into as much depth as you guys do- I love it! I listen to them on my daily commute and it's the best way to start the day. Outlander is literally my favourite thing and you analyse everything so well. Thank you so much for your amazing podcasts and keep it going!!

Loretta Leake said...

Wow, I had to watch it again twice stopping it every tenth of a second just to catch all of the details that Blake saw in this trailer!

Antje Sipkema said...

It's so interesting to listen to how someone who hasn't read the books, interprets the trailer. I think it's very difficult for Mary to not give anything away. I enjoyed this a lot. Thank you.

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