Sunday, April 17, 2016

Outlander Cast: Not In Scotland Anymore - Episode 46

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss episode 2.02 of Outlander entitled, "Not In Scotland Anymore."  In this episode you'll learn all about, the live blog, Mary's deal with the listeners, the new sounds for the show, why it took Ira Stephen Behr to save this episode, mean girls, swans and fake nipples, casting directors, not being able to shave your legs while pregnant, plot vs. character development, how you can't translate everything from the book into the show, why Blake thinks this episode could have been much, much better, and much more!.

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Margaret Y said...

My understanding is that the chryon (date thingy) is one of the last things put into the film and may have been even after some of the initial premiere showings. All I know is that 202 showed Paris 1745 on demand with the early release and when I watched it live, it was corrected to Paris 1744. Yes big oops but they are taking care of it.

Margaret Y said...

Claire tending to her bed and clothes is a measure of habit and having some control of her environment. Gotta keep some semblance of the familiar.

Unknown said...

Great Podcast. Loved it. I have to agree that it was more plot than character driven and I read the book. I think that there was somethings that could have been done that would have made the set up more clear. I think that the relationship between Claire and Jamie was played just right. Very believable. But I think Murtagh just made the whole episode.
Lisa Rand Oakland, NJ

DCDianna said...

Blake, I could listen to yours and Mary's accent all day I miss Mass so much and listening to you guys brings me back home.... thank you!!! :) Dianna

Lady Ellie said...

I really liked this episode. I was ready for humor. The back end of last season was pretty grim, even though it did manage to end on an up note (we'll change history and btw I'm pregnant). Humor and drama can coexist..

This was a very busy episode with lots of new characters. But they are in a different country, of course there are lots of new characters. This book is longer than the first one but Starz gave us less episodes to explore it.

Jamie and Claire are in Paris to meet and influence the Prince and other Jacobites. If not for cousin Jared giving them an in, perhaps they would have gone to Rome to try to influence King James. But they did have Jared, a wealthy merchant who has an in with the rich and influential people in town. They're going out of their way to meet these kind of people. That's why Claire befriended Louise. Not just because she's fun. Because she is another way to meet the kind of people they need to influence. Of course Jared got Jamie invited to meet the Prince; that's what Jamie asked him to do for him. Blake sounded as though all these meetings were just plot driven coincidences. No, they've been working the three months they were in Paris to set up things so they can be in the right circles to meet these people. The show just didn't take the time to show J and C cultivating their new "friends".

I hope we see more character/relationship building. But I expect that won't come for a while because most of their focus is on the political front, not the personal. It's one way Jamie can keep busy and not have to deal with his emotional trauma.

I love listening to you two talk about the show and your lives. Don't worry Mary, most pregnant women can't shave their legs. Some go hairy. Others get the husband to do the shave. Didn't you trust Blake with a razor?

Sherry said...

Remember that Culloden is April 16, 1746. So many are still saying it was in 1745.

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