Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Outlander Cast: Through A Glass, Darkly Listener Feedback - Episode 45

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss all the listener feedback from episode 2.01, "Through A Glass, Darkly."  And, boy, was there ever a LOT of great and informative listener feedback.  You guys had opinions and you wanted to share them.  We talk about things that range from Frank's rage, to Jamie's beating of Claire, and we even get visited by a mysterious Massachusetts woman.  Everyone was split down the middle on this episode and we gave you ALL a forum to chat about it.  Be sure to stay til the very end to hear Mary's special and personal offer to every single listener..

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Dean Child said...

Well I did like the First part but was very disappointed that it did not follow the book and that R & B were not there. Although what they shown with Claire and Frank is in the books just as flowing memory's Claire mentions while this great tale is told.

I am now wondering how they are going to join this back up with the third book again they will have to change the book to make it work, bit of a shame.

A.J. White said...

I appreciate the work, time, and effort that goes into your podcasts!

Want to comment about picking and choosing when you use the book as a point of evidence and when you stick to the show's interpretation.

When Claire says Jamie beat her within an inch of her life, it's not a fact. If it were a fact she certainly wouldn't be up and about the very next day, getting ribbing from Dougal and the others. Sure her bum was sore, but she was nowhere near death. She, as a medical professional, knew that very well. She is a notoriously unreliable narrator. If you're willing to dismiss her thoughts on Frank as being biased bc they're filtered through her perspective, then you have to apply that to her other thoughts. She was angry at Jamie so of course she'd exaggerate and say he beat her within an inch of her life. Doesn't mean it's true or that it should be used as evidence of anything.

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