Monday, April 25, 2016

Outlander Cast: Useful Occupations And Deceptions - Episode 48

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss episode 2.03 of Outlander entitled, "Useful Occupations and Decpetions."  In this episode, you'll learn about: a new Outlander record, a welcome return to Outlander form, making time travel useful, why we think this was actually Jamie's episode instead of Claire's, and much more..

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mary anderson said...

I think the heart of everything that is wrong between Jamie and Claire is the fact that they are not connecting in the bedroom. Jamie is refusing to confront his PTSD and busies himself with business and intrigue. Claire feels resentful and disconnected. The result of shoving this issue under the carpet is the resentment and deceptive behavior between them. Claire needs the pillow talk with Jamie to feel a part of what is happening, she instead is left out in the cold. I don't always approve of her choices and she is being rather bitchy, but her world is falling apart and she feels powerless to control it hence her need for a useful occupation. Jamie just stays unnaturally busy in order to keep from facing his dysfunction. For these two, it's all about the bedroom!

Kathy Van Wesep said...

I loved this episode. Mother Hildegard, Bouton and Fergus were just as I had imagined them from the book. Love that they have developed Murtagh into a man who not only lives to be of service to Jamie and Claire but one who has healthy needs of his own and is enjoying himself with Suzette. Claire's snappy response was more out of jealousy than about BJR being alive. She misses the intimacy she and Jamie had and she feels left on the sidelines to fen for herself and deal with her pregnancy on her own. What is out of sync for me is the whole timeline on the pregnancy progress. Claire had to have conceived at Lallybroch. All that time searching for Jamie, then the rescue, short convalescence at the Abbey, meeting with Jared 3 weeks after their arrival, then the months that have gone by should have Claire late in her 2nd trimester, past the morning sickness she had at the Abbey, and the baby should be kicking by now. The timeline of the pregnancy is out of phase with the timeline of the events. They will likely do some catch up in the next 2 episodes, but I am having to suspend my disbelief.

Terri Dugas said...

As soon as I saw that Anne Kenney was the writer I thought, "ok, I'm in good hands!" This was a well paced and well written episode.
Mary, perhaps this may shed a different light on the beat you disliked so much, with the maid telling Murtagh about their J&C's bedroom issues. There is a small moment after she says this and exits the scene, leaving only Murtaugh's profile. Perhaps he has a look of remorse about the snide comments he made to Claire earlier about "frolicking in the sheets". Just a thought.

Mary Larsen said...

Terri ------ GREAT POINT!!! Yes, you're right!

Sherry said...

I'm surprised Jamie asked Claire about Sawney like she didn't know what it looked like. Claire gave it to him....courtesy of Jenny in episode 113. He didn't need to describe it to her. Don't the writers remember events from season one? The same thing happened in episode 201 when Claire told Mrs. Graham that she had called Jamie a f***ing sadist. Actually, she had called him a f***ing bastard. That happens after the rescue from Fort William. She calls him a sadist during the spanking scene later. Hope they get their facts straight. By the way, wasn't it a chicken leg that Suzette gave Fergus? Maybe the sporran visual transition was intentional misdirection. Ron loves to confuse the book readers by throwing in unexplained actions...doing it a lot this season.

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