Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Outlander Cast: Untimely Resurrection - Episode 52

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss episode 2.05 of Outlander entitled, "Untimely Resurrection."  In this episode you'll learn all about: why Outlander has finally returned to form, the unique writer behind the episode, directing choices that made the episode great, TLC and Scrubs, more Mean Girls references, Claire's moral and logical ambiguity, Claire becoming somewhat of an unlikable character this episode, why Blake seemed to confuse the heck out of Mary with his Outlandish Theory this week, the rules of time travel, and much more..

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Quilts and Cats said...

Great podcast guys! I grew up 2 blocks from Harvard Square and now live in TN...so just hearing your accents makes me happy.

Charlotte Marks said...

Great podcast, but I have to take issue with a couple of Blake's comments, regarding Murtagh, and La Dame Blanche.

Jamie's reassurance is the last thing Murtagh would want (Jamie does try at first, but Murtagh dismisses the attempt with contempt). What he wants is what Jamie gives him - a purpose, a chance to redeem himself. Just saying "it's OK, I know you couldn't help it" would be a massive insult to Murtagh, and Jamie knows it.

As for La Dame Blanche, I chuckled at your assertion that the perpetrators had to have been at Madame Elise's to overhear Jamie. Honestly, do you think that sort of juicy gossip would stop at the brothel's walls? What do you think those people do 24/7, if not gossip?

Enjoy your podcasts! I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.

Melissa Carolan said...

Just found your podcast and enjoyed it very much. I'm in NH myself although I'm originally from Ireland. I love that you guys love Outlander as much as I do and dissect the episodes in such a thorough and entertaining way. I'll be tuning in from now on, thanks you two! From a new fan :-)

Melissa Carolan said...

Just found your podcast and enjoyed it very much. I'm in NH myself although I'm originally from Ireland. I love that you guys love Outlander as much as I do and dissect the episodes in such a thorough and entertaining way. I'll be tuning in from now on, thanks you two! From a new fan :-)

mary anderson said...

Blake, I want you to remember that Jamie and Murtagh are Highlander's, they are hardcore warriors and live by a strict code of honor. Jamie's more than a friend, he's Murtagh's Laird. Murtagh doesn't want or need Jamie to comfort him or be a "friend" to him. Jamie knows this Highlander "code", if you will, and treated Murtagh with the greatest respect, he gave him a chance to redeem himself by giving him responsibility. I loved the way that Jamie became Laird in this scene.

Kathy Van Wesep said...

I have an issue with the way TV Claire is being portrayed as self serving, two-faced and mean spirited. It is out of character and makes her very unlikable. I am a book reader and for the most part I have enjoyed the changes made for the TV series as long as they could have happened in Diana's world and as long as the essence of these characters we know and love are not distorted. In the book neither Claire nor Jamie know that BJR is alive until they run into him at the house where the Duke is staying after the whole Bastille episode. While Jamie meets with the Duke, Claire is in search of Alex to help arrange for him to meet Mary at Jared's house. The footman tells her that Alex has been dismissed and sent back to England. She comes upon Mary, who has snuck out and is also searching for Alex and while pursuing Mary she literally runs into Black Jack to both their horrors. Minutes later Jamie comes along looking for Claire and comes face to face with BJR. So in the book Claire is not keeping information away from Jamie, and she is actually trying to help Mary and Alex get together because she thinks BJR is dead. By changing the plot they set up a situation that shows Claire in a very negative light. I don't believe Book Claire would have actively tried to separate Mary and Alex the way she did in this episode. The way that she handled her request of Jamie was bad enough for book readers to scream and throw the book at the wall, but that is as far as she went. She was desperate and obsessed with saving Frank and handled it badly. She is imperfect but not deliberately mean or self serving.

Kathy Van Wesep said...

I totally agree with you. In the book, Murtagh actually offers up his life to Jamie which is how things are done in the Highlands if you fail your Laird. Out of love for Murtagh, Jamie gives him the mission to find the person responsible and dispense justice. If he can avenge Claire and Mary then he can feel like he has served his Laird.

Diаnа Мullеr said...
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Florida Rose said...

Love your podcast. I found it a couple of weeks ago and have been following it religiously! I absolutely loved this episode. For the most part, it followed the book very closely, especially the last scene. And, I even enjoyed most of the added scenes. Like most book readers, I liked the BJR reveal in the book, but I also loved the way they did it in the show too. I would have given the episode 5 kilts, but dropped it to 4.5 because I absolutely HATED Claire's conversation with Alex. She did NOT do that in the book. Alex decided on his own that he was no longer worthy of Mary. Claire didn't interfere in Mary's relationship with Alex in any way, except for preventing Jaime from dueling with BJR. In fact, book Claire was a true friend to Mary and tried to help her. I would have preferred they have left that scene out. It made Claire look incredibly selfish and cruel, which she isn't. I also didn't care for the Annalise scene.

Kathy Van Wesep said...

I totally agree with you Florida. This episode would have gotten 5 kilts from me too but I cut it to 4.8 which was probably generous. After reading the script and realizing that they cut the entire opening scened between Fergus and Claire (which was right out of the book) when they left 5 minutes for this episode unused makes be drop it to 4.5 Kilts. That scene is how we find out Fergus' background, the fact that he was born and raised in that brothel, not knowing if one of the whores was his mother and it explains why he is so good at reading women and interacting with them. It is critical we know this as Fergus stays with us through adulthood and all the subsequent books. Perhaps they will work it into another episode, but with the writers being so crunched for time, I fear this scene is permanently on the cutting floor : (

Janet Hilliard said...

Agree. Several changes this season seem to be just to make changes. I would have liked to have seen the longer spoon scene too.

Kelly Duschel said...

Love your podcast. I do have to respond to Blake re: Jamie's reaction to Murtagh. Jamie is basically Murtagh's Laird. Murtagh pledged an oath to Jamie when he was born...so for Murtagh this was a major failure. If Jamie did anything any less, then Murtagh would live with the shame. Instead, Jamie redirected him and gave him something to redeem himself.

Florida Rose said...

Forgot about that too. Yes, we should have gotten more about Fergus' background unless they are going to incorporate it into the Faith episode where Fergus (hopefully) drops that other bombshell on Claire about a recent event at the brothel. Don't want to throw spoilers out!

AkaAki157 said...

Hi Kathy - can you share where can we find scripts for season 2 of Outlander? You mentioned that you read it and based on that you knew that the scene between Claire & Fergus was cut. Hum...I think that would have been a great scene.

AkaAki157 said...

Hi Mary & Blake…
Hum…it seems like Blake is receiving some ‘heat’ over the Jamie and Murtagh comment. ;-)
I remember what it was like watching the show as a show-watcher-only vs. a book reader, therefore, from that point of view I can see that certain things are just not easily understood.

I am all caught up with all of your podcasts now and I have to say that I particularly agree with Blake’s comments how the pace of the show was just a bit too fast and that there were number of ‘convenient’ plot driven introductions rather than character building developments…..until finally this great episode 205 of course! ;-0. I also agree that some things should have been cut out entirely (e.g., dildo & double sided woman scene in the brothel; King’s potty scene or even the fight scene in 204) and more time spent on relationship building between the new characters.

Well it looks like we have most of the characters introduced so from now on we should expect greatness ;-).

Keep up the good work!! You both are fantastic!


Janet Hilliard said...

I realize your question was not to me but I just saw it so I thought I would answer. Go to www.outlandercommunity.com and click on center box and then right side will say script by writer and then up top it has the episode numbers so you can read the other ones too. There have been several scenes cut that I would have liked to have seen. The extended spoon scene from this episode was really sweet.

Drowning InChocolate said...

I just posted a long reply, hope you got it, when I went to publish it asked to publish from Google or blog, so I tried to create one, then the other, and then everything disappeared :(

Kathy Van Wesep said...

Looks like your reply got lost.

Drowning InChocolate said...

I don't think my review was posted, so I have had another go... (sorry if you get 2)
Hi Mary and Blake
Just recently found your podcast and love them, thank you for taking your time to do these!
It’s great that you are both as crazy about Outlander as the rest of us.

My great
BJR was awesome
I really didn’t like Frank or BJR in S1, but S2 Tobias has turned this around, I now LOVE Frank and really like BJR, with what BJR has coming, I think we are going to be actually feeling a bit sorry for him too.

My not so great
How TV Claire is being shown, she isn’t so pushy, or manipulative in the books, but on the show she is becoming unlikable, which is not good for the show, so I hope they change that dynamic really quickly.

Claire needs to leave Alex and Mary to have a little happiness, Alex is not long for this world and they should not be denied happiness for some chap that won’t be born for 200 years.
If she doesn’t stop meddling, there may actually NOT be a Frank – leave it alone Claire!

I completely agree with
I totally agree with Jamie with the “do not touch me” at the end.
I think Claire has asked too much of Jamie, in his mind. BJR could not have been worse to Jamie (killing him would have been better, in Jamie’s eyes) and now Claire is asking him to let BJR live, and the reason is for another man that Claire actually married.

Anyway, just my thoughts
Thank you guys for your great reviews, I’m going to go try find earlier ones of yours

Can’t wait for 206! (206 & 207 are going to break our hearts!)


BlakeLarsen said...

haha thanks! Glad we can provide a little bit of home for you :)

BlakeLarsen said...

Thanks for the thoughts Charlotte! I totally agree that Murtagh wouldnot want the reassurance. And, quite possibly, I may over estimate the non response from Jamie. But it looked as if Jamie was pissed with Murtagh and did nothing to show me that he understood Murtagh's plight. I think that as a friend, or godson, he should have done a tad more. But I totally see your point.

As for the gossip - haha well, yes, there is nothing quite like good gossip. Even I will admit that.

But, it does seem like Jamie seems to think that the only people who heard about the La Dame Blanche comment were at the brothel. Practically I can see how word would spread, but I just wonder how long the time was between when the name was created, and when the rape happened. THat would give us a better grasp on the likelihood of the rumor spreading.

BlakeLarsen said...

Thanks Melissa! And welcome to the family! I'm so happy that you've given us a listen and felt strongly enough to engage with us. I actually went to college in Manchester NH! I look forward to hearing from you again!

BlakeLarsen said...

Mary - this is probably the best counter argument to my thoughts I have heard. When you look at it in this context, I do see how his reaction would be apropos.

The only issue, however, is that while Jamie may be Murtaghs Laird, they have not really shared that kind of relationship before. They have always seemed to be equals to me - or at least the that its been portrayed in the show.

THat said, I have a hard time reconciling Laird Jamie with friend Jamie through the lens of his relationship with Murtagh.

BlakeLarsen said...

Kathy - personally I think I like it better the way that it happened in the book. Thank you for letting me in on that little bit.

BUt, I think the way BJR is intro'd in the show also works within the context of the show.

As for Claire - yes, her actions are unacceptable as it relates to Mary and Alex. I think I said as much in the show. And yes, it makes her unlikable.

But here's the real kicker - even if Claire did or didn't do it in the book, it's largely irrelevant. As much as book readers hate it, the characters are different in the TV show. And I don't think they're different for the sake of being different. The show, and thus the plot circumstances, put the characters in a completely different context and they thereby act differently and have different motivations.

Because book Claire didn't try and break up Mary/Alex doesn't mean that she shouldn't do it in the show. In fact, I may argue that it makes Claire a more dramatic and conflicted character. She shows her weakness for Frank, and it makes her conflict with Jamie that much more relevant.

Do you know what I mean?

BlakeLarsen said...

thanks for the kind words! see my response to Kathy up above :)

BlakeLarsen said...

Thanks for the kind words Kelly! I totally agree that Jamie helped re direct Murtagh and I am completely on board with that idea. Loved it.

But, as for the Laird thing - while it may be true, I have a hard time seeing Jamie as his Laird. Not because Sam can't pull it off (I think he could) but, because the show has not explored that part of the relationship with Murtagh yet. The only time they showed Jamie as Laird was in Lallybroch, and all he did was make poor choices, get drunk and slap Claire on the bum haha.

While very entertaining, the Laird insight in that episode didn't give me the best context as to Jamie's Laird stature. That said, to see Jamie as Murtagh's Laird so quickly (especially after the fact that they have only contextualized their relationship as a friendship/godfather/godson relationship so far) was not a jump I could easily make at the time.

But I do understand your interpretation and see how it fits with a litle extra context.

BlakeLarsen said...

Thanks for catching up Aki! So happy that you're able to engage with us now!

Yes, the season so far has been...good. But I am sure that since we have the characters now, it will be a lot better going forward.

Kathy Van Wesep said...

I see your point Blake. In my opinion, Claire is acting irrationally because she is filled with fear, guilt, and what she perceives as a personal responsibility to safeguard Frank's existence. She is rationalizing her actions in her own mind, but she is coming unhinged. Somehow, insuring Frank's existence trumps any chance at happiness that Mary and Alex might have. It is clear that he is not long for this world and the only way they could marry would be if they eloped with no money or place to go. Mary and Alex were never destined for happiness, but they are entitled to have what little they could get in the time he has left. In the end, Claire will realize how absolutely wrong she was about the entire thing.

Dee said...

Hi - love the podcast!

I have a couple of comments on this episode.

First, the thing that bothers me most about Claire separating Alex and Mary is that she can't know if she's preventing Jack & Mary from ever even meeting by interfering. Maybe Jack meets Mary because of Alex. I think Claire is smart enough to have thought of that and know the safest action to ensure Frank exists is to do nothing. It's not like she did anything to bring A&M together so why would she think she needs to do anything to keep them apart? This really bugs me.

Second, the leader of the group that attacked Claire & Mary (birthmark-hand-guy) showed no sign of having heard of le dame Blanche. His reaction was "come back, you fools" when the others ran away. So, les disciples group was used for the attack but the leader of the attack wasn't necessarily one of them. I think you can't eliminate anyone for arranging the attack yet.

Anna LaNave said...

Thanks for your podcast--new listener and book reader. One of the weaknesses of Outlander from the books, is that there is absolutely no way that I understood why Claire would want to be with Frank. The books paint him as controlling, distant and frigid..The King of Men wins hands down no contest..What Ron Moore and his writing team (along with the amazing Tobias) has done is give us a really reason to care..Last season's episode of his despair at her disappearance, the scene of him at the Stones calling to her....his kindness to her in S2: episode 1 -- made us feel for him more...something Diana failed to do in the series - a big problem for me as a reader..So kudos to all..it makes for a much better story..

AkaAki157 said...

Hello Janet - thank you for the reply & link. This is awesome! I found the scripts. I really have been missing out from this OutlanderCommunity thing..;-)
Again - much appreciated.

Angela Hickey said...

Hi Blake and Mary ... it's Angela Hickey in South Jersey.. Just a few notes from me:
1. Blake.. Murtaugh DOES see Jamie as his Laird (as well as godson) and has given him his oath as such. This was stated in the show as well during "The Search" episode from Season1 when Claire says she outranks him and he says he's sworn his oath to him as Laird (just FYI).

2. Annaliese is not a girl from the soldier days in France.. she was from when he was in University there. This was before the flogging, his father dying... all that pain and guilt. Jamie was pretty much a spirited schoolboy of 17-18 with big crush on the cute girl. The soldiering happened after he came back from school .. had the flogging , father died and Jamie went to France to escape and soldier with Ian.

3. My issue with show Claire interfering with Mary and Alex is that it really changes the root of her character. Most changes from the book are fine because usually I see changes and think "hey its different than the book but I could easily see it in the world of Outlander.. I could see Diana writing it that way and dropping it in .. like the wool waulking scene, the Watch episode etc. But this selfish thing she does with Alex and Mary .. she would have NEVER done that. Asking Jamie to hold off a year doesn't hurt anyone but them and partly Claire doesn't want her choice to be with Jamie and save him from Wentworth be the reason that now Frank doesn't exist. She is able to be honest with Jamie and plead her case and in the end he still has the choice. That is a MUCH different thing than going behind poor Mary's back, this poor girl who has just been raped and supposedly is now tainted, and try to ruin any chance she has to be with a man she loves and find happiness.. especially when she did nothing to intervene with the vicomte! Now she is going to get involved? Especially when Mary has a lot better chance of meeting BJR if she was involved with a Randall. Not to mention.. pushing away Alex hoping that an already traumatized Mary - her 15-yr old friend - will end up married to a sadistic bastard like BJR?! I mean come on! She would NEVER EVER do that. I don't blame Richard for it.. he did excellent. I know the plot points are decided before the writer gets the script. But whoever made that call, made a boo boo.
4. I also wish they didn't cut that sweet scene with Fergus and Claire. Not only does it inform a little of background for Fergus, but also gives depth and poignancy for Fergus' and Claire's relationship. It was when Claire really begins to care about and love Fergus. They had plenty of time to keep the scene and should have, IMO

Kathy Van Wesep said...

Bravo Angela - My sentiments exactly. I have embraced almost all of the changes made because I believe they could have happened in Diana's world and for the most part, the essence of the characters has been consistent with the ones in her books. But the meddling in Mary and Alex's relationship was one I could not accept for all the reasons you mention.

I hope they find a way to establish a believable bond between Claire and Fergus in future episodes. They missed a golden opportunity by cutting the scene so beautifully written by both Diana and Richard. Claire becomes their foster son and without hearing his backstory in his own words, you can't understand why he is who he is and why he attaches to himself to Jamie and Claire with complete loyalty and devotion.

Kathy Van Wesep said...

Well said Dee. At this point, we have no idea who the leader of this gang is, but it is not anyone we have met in previous episodes and he is obviously the only one of the 4 men who knew that Claire was the intended target. Had the others known, they never would have agreed to the attack for fear she would shrivel up their man parts. My question is how did this individual gain access to the carriage to sabotage the wheel without anyone noticing. In the title card he is wearing his mask and it is broad daylight. Claire went to help at L'Hospital on the spur of the moment, so it had to be that she was being watched by this man, who knew that she was a regular volunteer at L'Hospital and was just waiting for an opportunity. She was at the hospital long enough for him to execute his plan. I believe in the book, carriages for hire were scarce because they were being used to transport victims of the explosion. Fergus could not find a carriage, so they started walking. It must have been a long way with only one route to take because it was daylight when they left the hospital and night when they were attacked.

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