Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Outlander Cast: Faith - Episode 56

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss episode 2.07 of Outlander entitled, "Faith.".  In this episode, you'll learn all about: our unique opening for this episode, surprising kilt ratings, a HUGE announcement about the show, the value of France for the show, a moment of real truth from Blake that may discourage listeners and much more!.

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Linda Watson said...

Thoroughly enjoy your podcasts! I daresay this may have been the best hour of television that I've ever seen!

Sherry said...

That theme will always put me in tears! So damn sad!!! If this reflects what's to come, I'd better check myself in to a hospital now!!
Congratulations again for the nominations! Slainte!!!
This episode was originally 90 minutes! Starz approved it but Ron was concerned about viewing so much sadness, so they edited it down. We are hoping to see the cut scenes on the DVD edition.
My KILT rating is 5+!!! How bad I feel for the pain these two go through! No one deserves this kind of suffering. Will they ever catch a break?
The first scene reminds me of Titanic. Even though Rose lost Jack, the pictures of Rose "living on" gave us hope. The same goes with Claire and Brianna. Life goes on.
I'm surprised that Forez missed getting all of the placenta out of Claire, which ended up causing an infection. I guess his medical experience is lacking when it comes to women's conditions.
Was the heron Claire's first vision? She seems to come into this gift with the loss of her child.
By the Pricking of My Thumb showed Claire with the Changeling baby. Faith looked more realistic.
Toni said that originally there was a Claire VO during the scene when Claire sang to Faith, but it was dropped because it wasn't necessary.
Louise helped bring Claire back from the brink of madness. Shades of Hamlet. Going to miss that character!
The Comte was a distraction for the real villain who Jamie and Claire will see in Scotland. The Comte was not responsible for the attack on Claire and Mary. I believe that he would have confessed like he did for trying to poison Claire.
I did wonder at one point if Claire was actually singing in that scene with Jamie. They kept going back to Jamie's face and his expression kept changing. It made me think that she was not only remembering singing to Faith, but actually sang out loud. What do you think?
That clock ticking drove me crazy...maybe it was meant to do that...made the silence seem even louder.
Claire found redemption through the loss of Faith. She admitted her part in the loss of their daughter and that she had wandered from the promises she made to Jamie because of her guilt over Frank. Jamie's understanding of her sacrifice helped her break down the walls of depression that separated them.
VO to Brianna and Roger.
Do you think we will see Prince Charles again and his "Mark me?"
Great podcast! Looking forward to next one! Slainte!!!

Kathy Van Wesep said...

Congratulations on your podcast award nominations. I gave this episode 6 kilts because I had already given a 5 to another episode and this episode is the best one ever for its honest, sensitive and courageous depiction of the pain and loss that Claire, Jamie and Fergus feel. I know that you are going to talk about the Fergus rape in the listener feedback podcast and after hearing Kendra's remarks, I wanted to comment. From the beginning, Ron Moore has wanted us to not only KNOW what happens to our characters but to FEEL what our characters FEEL and the only way to effectively do that is for us to SEE what happened, no matter how painful, because by doing so, we better understand the effects that these traumas have on our characters. It was difficult for us to watch what happened at Wentworth but had we not SEEN it we would not really understand the destructive aftermath to Jamie's soul and his connection with Claire.(What happened in the book was far worse if you can believe it.) I actually applaud Ron and his team in their more restrained approach to both Mary and Fergus' rapes in Season 2. In both cases, the victims were completely clothed, the focus was on the helplessness, terror and guilt each of the victims experienced and not on the act itself. What was happening was NOT explicitly shown. What stood out was how helpless Fergus was, unable to escape being overpowered and then feeling guilty for having gone into that room to steal something instead of listening to Jamie and staying put, then guilty for crying out so that Jamie came to his rescue, becoming enraged, challenging BJR to a duel and the ramifications of that. It never occurred to Fergus, who was born and raised in a brothel, that anyone would care enough about him to actually put themselves at risk to save him and avenge him. Yes, these scenes are difficult to watch, but I think Ron has been very careful about how much he actually shows while still making us FEEL more than KNOW the power of these events.

Angela Hickey said...

Idk if this happened to everyone, but as I was listening here on this page, just as Blake was going to give his Outlandish Theory, the playback jumps to the end and skips it. No matter how much I try to push it back to play it just gets to the same part (about the bakery sponsor) and skips to the end. I am now going to try to dpwnload the MP3 to see if I can hear it that way... I must know Blake's theories.. as an avid book reader, I do love them. On another note one "kinda" correction and one comment.. The Louise friendship part .. in its way, WAS in the book, but its much longer and complex as Louise took her to her summer home to help her heal give her friendship during this time. They couldn't do all that in the show but wanted to show Louise's care and friendship post baby in some way because it WAS significant in the book. So they encapsulated that idea in that moment... My suggestion comment is that (without spoiling) if you are a book reader and have read at least through book 7, please.. right now.. if you have not already read the novella , "The Space Between" please DO read it. Especially you Mary. It informs A LOT on what happens during and after the Kings Trial, on the Comte and Master Raymond. In actual time, it is set right after book 7, however it explains a great deal in retrospect on this as well as a couple bits from Voyager. Its not long, Mary, maybe 1/10 of Outlander size. But I promise you after seeing this episode, you won't regret taking a few hours to read it. For those , including you Blake, who think the Comte is some blah character and has no purpose and could have been dropped out, that is incorrect. Please remember this one season of a saga of 9 books and a bunch of novellas, that involve multiple timelines. People that may seem unimportant now, may become VERY important in the future.. That is all I will say because I don't want to give any spoilers, but many times characters are much more important and significant than they seem right now. That is true with many complex saga style books like Game of Thrones and Outlander.

Florida Rose said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your podcast as well as Kendra's commentary. I absolutely loved the episode. It was the first one that made me cry. I sobbed the whole time -- even when I watched it a second time -- and couldn't figure out why. After listening to Kendra, it came to me. I problems with my first pregnancy. I was put on bed rest, and there was always a high risk I might lose the baby. When my daughter was born, I couldn't take her home for over a month. While other mothers left the hospital with babies in their arms, I left without my baby. I was crushed. I think the episode invoked all those emotions I had 21 years ago now. (btw. my daughter is now a beautiful and healthy adult!). This episode realistically depicted all those raw emotions.

I agree with Mary that the King wanted at least one death that day, if not 2 or 3. Raymond was saving his own life and possibly Claire's by sacrificing the Comte.

I also enjoyed that they gave Louise such an important role in this episode. As was mentioned in another comment, Louise was instrumental to Claire's healing process in the book. I believe that the writer gave that section of the book a nod by including Louise at the hospital.

One final note. I am a big fan of the books, but I can honestly say that I actually enjoyed this episode MORE than the chapters in the book it represented. I loved all the added scenes in the hospital that highlighted Claire’s ordeal and the care that Mother Hildegard and Louise gave her. And, I loved, loved the final scenes with Jaime and Claire. Show Jaime and Claire seemed to have a deeper understanding of each other and truly forgave each other. They showed a maturity and depth that I felt was almost lacking in the book. I honestly believe that this Jaime and Claire have a stronger bond and could get through anything together. And, I loved that they visited Faith’s grave. (They didn't do that in the book.) Grieving parents would do that. Great job Toni Graphia and company.

mary anderson said...

The scene where Jamie returns is the most poignant to me. Remember when Claire asked Mother Hildegard to get her husband for her? Mother tells her there has been "no word". Here is Claire in the most desperate moment of her life and Jamie doesn't show his face. She didn't know what had happened to him at this point. She is left to lie there with the loss of her child and the belief that Jamie had abandoned her. When she sees him again, in spite of her understanding of his reasons and her admission of her own guilt, she is so fragile I don't think she could have stood being touched. It was something akin to self preservation. If he had touched her she would have lost herself completely, the only way Claire could face this situation was to be allowed to have her time and space. I truly think Jamie understood this. Jamie's facial expressions showed me that his heart was truly breaking for his wife's pain. He showed the depths of his love in his ability to accept and forgive.

Kathy Van Wesep said...

Angela I have read all the novellas and know what you are referring to. Love the novellas because they expand on other characters and fill in time gaps that are "off camera". Love the Lord John books, my favorite is The Scottish Prisoner which includes Jamie.

Kathy Van Wesep said...

Mary, what I got from Claire's demeanor was that she was barely holding herself together. She was contained, trying to remain in control, knowing that she was going to have to tell Jamie what she went through in his absence and admit her culpability to Jamie. I heard one comment that a viewer was expecting a big hug between them. That was the last thing I expected. No one was going to embrace anyone until everything was aired, sins confessed and transgressions forgiven on both sides with a commitment othat they would remain together and carry this burden of loss. When Claire reached for Jamie's hand at the gravesite, that had more meaning than a big "welcome home" embrace could have had. They are each other's strength and solice.

Kathy Van Wesep said...

I wanted to add that Romann's mother was on set and was consulted. Nothing was done without her approval. It is her son and if she was okay with what they were going to have him do, then we have to trust that she never felt that her son was being jeopardized in any way. The character is supposed to be 10 yrs old but the actor is actually 14 yrs old, small for his age. He is still a child, but not as impressionable as a younger child might have been under the circumstances.

Peigi said...

I'd love it if you could make a clip of your "wee 'uns" singing that seaside song. I still watch your Sky Boat Song clip when I need a smile. (and teach them the French version if they ever take French in school!)

Charlotte Marks said...

Regarding the rape of Fergus, that's exactly right. As Blake often says, "show, don't tell," and the only way we can really understand the horror - and Jamie's horrific response - is to see it. That said, as you noted, it's not graphic in the sense that we actually see sex organs or naked flesh. The emphasis is on Fergus's face.

It reminded me a bit of "Psycho" - people left the theater after that movie POSITIVE that they had seen Janet Leigh stabbed. But they never did. They saw a knife. They saw her scream. They saw blood. But they never saw the knife strike flesh - it was their minds that "saw" it.

Unknown said...

Congrats to your nomination, You guys deserve it!

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