Monday, May 16, 2016

Outlander Cast: Best Laid Schemes...-Episode 54

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss episode 2.06 of Outlander entitled, "Best Laid Schemes....".  In this episode, you'll learn all about: an expected twist in the story, why Metin Huysein did a fantastic job this episode, why Claire may be the root cause for all her problems, Daredevil, more spectacular work by Stephen McNutt, a woman editor, why Blake guarantees his Outlandish Theory Of The Week so much that he ALREADY rings the bell and much more!.

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Charlotte Marks said...

I don't have a problem with Blake's assertion that Claire has caused some of her own difficulties, but I'm puzzled by blaming it on her "selfishness" regarding Frank. If Claire was being selfish (acting only in her own self-interest) she wouldn't give a damn about what happens to Frank. She's left him. Why should she care? She could spare herself - and Jamie, the man she loves - a hell of a lot of pain. Instead, she puts herself through the agony (She hates Randall - of course she wants to see him dead! - and she sure as hell hates putting Jamie through this!) of begging for Frank's life, for HIM, not for herself. How is that selfish? Looks more like altruism to me.

Sherry said...

France and Bonnie Prince Charles has been a terrible place for Jamie and Claire's marriage. Claire herself has been a large part of the problem. There is a saying that a little knowledge is a bad thing. Claire's knowled of the events that lead up to Culloden was based on conversations she heard from Frank, not from information she studied.
During episode one, Claire spent time going through Reverend Wakefield's books, trying to find out what happened to Jamie. Frank said that she had never been interested in the Jacobite history before she disappeared.
Again, it's an indication that Claire was making assumptions about Culloden, based on insufficient information. I agree with Blake that Claire caused a lot of problems for herself by making choices without discussing them with Jamie.
Her absorption with Frank's survival also may have cost her the life of her child. Claire's experience as a nurse was expressed during her conversation with Jamie last week. She said that she was worried about being a good mother. Unfortunately, because of her guilt over leaving Frank, she ignored the signs that she was heading towards a miscarriage or stillbirth. She will probably be blaming herself as much as blaming Jamie in the next episode. It is going to be a difficult episode to watch.
I would give this episode 4.8 because of the scene with Louise and the King's executioner. I didn't feel that we needed another example of how Claire didn't fit in with the gossiping women of French high society. Also, it was both Claire and Jamie who had to listen to the description of drawing and quartering in the book. Why would anyone do that to a pregnant woman? Totally unnecessary.
The dueling scene broke my heart and I hope that Ron allows us to see Jamie's POV in the prison, if only for a minute. His utter desolation when he realized that Claire witnessed him breaking his promise and knowing that she was losing their child, should win Sam an Emmy. I'm hoping that Caitriona wins an Emmy, too, especially for what she has to do in episode 207!
I'm sure we will see them find their way back to each other before too long. Claire's heartbreak in episode 201 showed how desolate she was when she learned that the Jacobites were defeated at Culloden.
Thank you for continuing to discuss the series in such a open-minded format. Definitely looking forward to next week's revelations. Tulach Ard!

luvinva said...

I can assure you that the John Wayne Bobbitt incident was in June 1993 - because at the time I was in the hospital on bed rest going thru the same placental abruption Claire experiences at the end of the episode, and it was all the OBs & nurses could talk about! That being said... A placental abruption, coming after the 20th week of pregnancy, does not come on from emotional stress. IMO, the only causes that would relate to Claire's experience would be abdominal trauma or uterine abnormalities. She clearly was having a total separation, and there was nothing that could have been done, especially back in the 18th century.
I agree with Blake's assessment of the BJR reveal - creepy and suspenseful.
I viewed the Monsieur Forez and Louise scenes as replacing some long dialogue in the book that DG uses to set the scene of what's happening in France at the time. It was interesting that M. Forez's part was focused on the dark arts, not treason. I saw him as giving a warning to Claire, not threatening her. I think it will play out more in the upcoming episodes.
The servants problem - I put it down to the only servants who speak English are Magnus and Suzette - and that would follow the thought that the lower class were often not educated.
Mary - I agree - Sam's delivery of his need for Claire to promise she will go back thru the stones to Frank brought me to tears.
Blake - BPC was not a decisive leader - that's why the clans lost at Culloden. And he is not overly attractive (IMHO) - for one thing, he's way too effeminate. But, his supporters are really fighting to restore King James to the throne - not BPC.
I agree on the Suzette discussion - it would have been better if it had been held in the hall - there would still be the joke while maintaining the hierarchy in the household.
Loved loved loved the Claire and Fergus interactions - so true to real life!
Cait's acting - exquisite.
I don't agree totally with the thought that Claire is entirely at fault. Granted, Claire is her own worst enemy at times, but she's in a conundrum that I'm not sure I could handle any better than she does. How many of us have time travel experience? What actions does she take that resulted in the future she knows? What results in a change to the future she knew? As Murtagh says - it's a burden most of us would not want. And she feels guilty about choosing Jamie over Frank, so she would be protective of him and would want to ensure he gets to have a life - that she is not responsible for him not existing at all.
I loved all the scenes with Jamie & Claire - especially with the baby bump. I really enjoy the scenes where there isn't drama - there's just 2 people in love living their lives. Gives me a breather before the next drama.
It was a huge episode, covering so many chapters in the book.
Blake - Matt's writing of "The Watch" and "The Search" - not because of the source material. "The Watch" is entirely made up for tv, and while some of "The Search" comes from the book, it's covered better in the book. I think that episode suffered from what appears to be a Metin fascination with running horses (we seem some of that in this episode).
Like Mary - if you can make me feel enough that I play the story over and over in my head, and it makes me laugh and cry, then I give it 5 kilts.

Marty B said...

Mary and Blake, I love listening to your thoughts and analyses. I always watch the episode once, listen to you, and then watch again. I love to see everything from a different perspective. Thank you!
I don't have any brilliant insights, but did want to mention that in the previous week's episode when BJR touches Jamie's chest (which made my stomach flip), I think he was asking him "how's that brand healing?" or reminding him that he still belongs to BJR. ��

Kathy Van Wesep said...

When I first saw this episode I gave it 4 kilts because of the lack of adequate transition from the end of 205, the choppiness of the episode (lots of back and forth to and from that same places) and some continuity issues. After multiple viewings and reading Matt's script with what he intended and seeing all that was cut, I revise my kilt rating to 4.5. Had it not been for those structural issues it would have been a 5 kilt rating for showing us Jamie and Claire together, loving each other and working as a team for an entire episode. When was the last time that happened? The growing closeness of Fergus, Murtagh, Jamie and Claire all working together towards a common goal and trying always to love and protect each other is wonderful.

I thought the alterations to the way Jamie thwarted the wine shipment was clever and it helped to compress time which we need to do to hit the indisputable historical dates coming up.

The way the first meeting of Fergus and BJR was done was chilling and brilliant. I just hope that when the show us flashbacks to what happened to Fergus that they do so with care.

The scene with Louise was a waste of precious screen time. That time could have been used for a reconciliation scene at the beginning or to be reminded that the Highland culture is destined to be eradicated forever if they don't succeed in the scene with Claire and Murtagh. We need that reminder mid-season as it has not been emphasized since 201.

From the time that Claire realized that Jamie was going to duel BJR to the tragic end of the episode was riveting. Stellar performances by all. Clearly what Claire was seeing was a duel to the death between Jamie and Frank (not BJR). They are so completely linked in her mind that they are almost one person.

To BJR that duel was almost an erotic experience. His taunting "How did she ever forgive you?" and biting Jamie were his version of foreplay. He is aroused by the fact that he can illicit such violent emotion from Jamie and if he needs to die for the pleasure he would die a happy man. The injury he sustains is poetic justice for a man so perverse.

Diane said...

Sorry I listened late and hope it's okay to add a comment now. I'm still frustrated by the lack of transition between (brilliant!!) and the foot massage. I didn't see the passage of time. The opening scene of the episode is the morning after Claire and Jamie's clash (or what some might call Claire's betrayal of Jamie, just saying), because Murtagh comes in, still on his way to the duel. Jamie tells him is off, a servant offers breakfast and lets Jamie know Claire is at the hospital. They cut to her there and she is 3x larger than the night before. So the big belly doesn't represent passage of time to me. I read elsewhere that a transition scene for Jamie was edited out, but I shouldn't have to read outside material to get the flow of the show.
But here's the most important problem of all to me. You might be able to tell that I have some problems with Claire's attitude toward Jamie this season. Or maybe it's that I don't think the strength of Claire and Jamie's connection is depicted well enough this season to have me believe it while she is so obsessed with Frank.
I can not believe that she is thinking of anything in the way to the duel aside from the fact that her soul mate, epic love of her life, is at the other end of a lethal object wielded by a homicidal maniac. Unless I completely disregard season one, I can't believe she's even thinking of Frank, let alone OMG he broke his word. Actually, no matter what, how can she think of anything other than, aaaah, please please please don't let Jamie die!!

Diane said...
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Kim H said...

Blake, I agree that Bear's music is wonderful and truly sets the mood for these scenes. Mary, please whack Blake upside the head. The duel is not Claire's fault.... And Mary, I would like to know, how are you as a book reader are able to keep a straight face while listening to your beloved say those things about the King? 🙊 My non-book reader husband is flummoxed by Claire's advanced pregnancy, and her not so pregnant self when returned to Frank. He now believes that she is zipping back and forth between the 1700s and the 1900s to fix it all. I try to nod politely and say nothing. @MeowHerder

Kim H said...
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