Monday, May 30, 2016

Outlander Cast: The Fox's Lair - Episode 57

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss episode 2.08 of Outlander entitled, "The Fox's Lair.".  In this episode, you'll learn all about: foot fetishes, goats, jumping the shark history, if the end is the end, or just another path, what Ron Moore is trying to tell us about the time travel rules in Outlander, familial relationships, why Mary and Blake lose it half way through and much more!.

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Kathy Van Wesep said...
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Kathy Van Wesep said...

Regarding the timeline: Prince Charles landed in Scotland 8/2/1745 and given that it takes time for the mail delivery, we should be in September 1745 when Jamie receives the letter from Jared. (Potatoes are generally harvested in October and sometimes in September in Scotland). According to Maril Davis, there was about an 8 month jump between Paris and where we start in 208. Previously she had said that Jamie and Claire arrive in France around April 1744 and they are there for about 6 months and leave around the end of September 1744. If you add 8 months to that we end up in June 1745. So yes, if you go by Maril's tweets the timeline is off by several months when you consider actual historical events, but there certainly was almost 18 months between the birth of Maggie and Kitty. In the book, Jenny does conceive Kitty a few months after Maggie is born because Jamie comments about Ian not having control and Ian tells him it was Jenny who wanted him back in her bed so she got pregnant right away.

Florida Rose said...

Hi Mary and Blake. Love your podcast!

I have a few comments regarding the episode. There was supposed to be huge time jump from when Jaime and Claire leave for Paris and when Jamie gets the letter regarding Prince Charles arriving in Scotland. In the book, Jaime and Claire "heal" at Lollybroch for almost a year. The only problem I had with the episode regarding the time jump was that, in her voice over, Claire says that Jenny had the baby when they she and Jaime were in France. She should have said that the baby was born after they arrived from France.

I agree with Mary and other viewers that I really wanted to see more of the healing at Lollybroch, especially after the trauma of the last episode, but I loved the few moments we did get.

One final comment. I wanted to reiterate something I wrote a few weeks ago because I am more convinced than ever that I am right! Borrowing from a statement made by a character in my other tv obsession, Game of Thrones, "The ink is dry on the pages of history." -- basically no one can change history, and any actions taken by time travelers has already happened and is part of history. Jaime and Claire tried to stop the Uprising from happening because they knew it was doomed. However, I believe it was doomed BECAUSE Jaime and Claire tried to stop it! If they had not interfered, Prince Charles may have received significant support from the Duke of Sandringham and his friends, the Comte St. Germain and perhaps even the French government. Because of them, what was left was a desperate prince trying to reclaim the throne with only the support of a few clans. Had they not interfered, the Uprising may have succeeded. Keep in mind, Claire only knew about the main events of the Uprising. She didn't know the details or the key players. Perhaps SHE and Jaime had been key players all along!

Anne K. Hawkinson said...

Back at Lallybroch! Would have loved an intimate connection somewhere in a secluded, grassy glen and a little less Laoghaire. Jamie and Claire needed a bit more time to heal and re-connect.

Sherry said...

Laoghaire joined the BJR/Frank fan club with the sniffing of Jamie's Shirt. I'm surprised that Claire didn't snatch Jamie's shirt off the clothes' line after that moment.

Kim D. said...

Hey guys! I'm sure you'll probably get a few comments regarding the "jumping the shark" moment. But Mary was on right track when she was commenting on how Claire's reaction to Laoghaire wasn't very Claire-like. From what Diana G. said later about the whole Sharknado incident, her main problem was that they originally had Claire pulling Laoghaire by the hair and slapping her around etc. Something she didn't feel fit Claire's character but that Ron thought viewers would like to Blake They did end up dialing it back obviously but the whole Laoghaire story line wasn't something she liked that much. She meant the jump the shark comment as them going off rails with Claire's character and not a comment on the show going off track as a whole I guess. Thanks for the laugh with the goat stuff btw! :)

luvinva said...

I give the episode 4 kilts.
While I am always happy to be watching Outlander, I did not love this episode. The reasons are many of the same as the first review you read, so I won't get into them. But, I do want to add a different take on the Laoghaire scenes, and re-introducing her at this time. It's been mentioned that it was necessary. I believe it introduced more controversy that will play out in S3. Suffice it to say that what played out in this episode makes me wonder how viewers will reconcile what happens in S3, now that Jamie knows Laoghaire purposely had Claire arrested with Geillis. I fear it will compromise one of the many traits we love about Jamie - his loyalty to the people he loves. Will he appear disloyal?
And Lallybroch - why would Jamie even consider signing it over to LL? Why go forth and risk everything if the land of your family and tenants no longer belongs to you - and you have no idea what your scheming Grandsire plans to do with it? That's the reason he is moving forward to try to help BPC win - signing over the estate negates that.
Favorite part of the episode - being back in Scotland & seeing J&C happy for 5 mins. Lowest point - the whole Laoghaire story line, because I fear the impact on S3.

Joanne Sutton-Smith said...

Voting a ton of times for your podcast! Love it!
Initially, I, too, was disappointed by the abbreviated sex scene between Jamie and Claire in this episode. However, upon second viewing, i think that the true focus of the intimacy needed to be on Jenny and Claire as they observed the sweet tenderness and soul-bearing conversation between Jamie and the baby.
ALL of the intimacy of these relationships underscores what is truly at stake.
Also, we now know that Jamie will never hold his Brianna, which evokes more than a tinge of sadness for the viewer.

Diane said...

I've already written so much in your various comment areas that I'm a little embarrassed to add more, but I have to love Colum's involvement. If nothing else had, he brought us from the makebelieve and really??? moments in Paris straight back to the solid ground and canny minds of the highlands. Gary Lewis is a fantastic actor who can rally a clan with a look, so us as well ;-). If the returned Jamie had not already made it clear, Colum shows exactly where his nephew got his heart and mind. Its was always a nice moment when we got to see Colum's love and respect for Jamie in season 1 (even when it was frighteningly tough love) and it was wonderful to see it amplified here, as they both know its possibly the last time.

Joanne Sutton-Smith said...

Brianna, as a baby, that is.

Florida Rose said...

I want to make another comment about Laoghaire. I understand the showrunners' need to redeem her for season 3 because of the large role THEY gave her in season 1. In the book, Laoghaire did not have a big role in the witch trial. All she did was give Claire the phony note from Geillis. However, Claire didn't know if Laoghaire wrote the note or if she got it from someone else, like Collum. So, Claire probably never told Jaime about Laoghaire's involvement because she wasn't sure about it. In the show, it was clear that Leoghaire was directly responsible for Claire's arrest and conviction. Claire would absolutely have told Jaime about it! So, to make events in season 3 believable, they had to redeem her somewhat in Jaime's eyes. I would have preferred a different option. The whole "seducing Simon' thing just seemed weird. I would have preferred they brought her in later, closer to the final battles, when she's already married to her first husband. Maybe she could have done something to save some soldiers -- something Jaime could have admired. I understand the need for redemption, I should wish they had done it in a different way.

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