Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Outlander Cast: La Dame Blanche - Episode 50

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss episode 2.04 of Outlander entitled, "La Dame Blanche."  In this episode you'll learn all about: Sixteen Candles, three Outlandish Theories, The Breakfast Club, why Jamie is just really freakin' dumb, why we can't take "Mark Me" any longer, spurning your husband for your lover, finally giving a reason for Jamie to be a character in this season, Blake's love of all things Cumberbitches and Fergus, and much more!.

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Nicole Hatch said...

Hi, this is Nicole Hatch from South Dakota. Just wanted to say I love your show and the banter between you too. Kudos to Mary for maintaining a straight face during the Outlandish Theories of the Week :)

My comment on the last episode is about the bite mark on Jamie's thigh. It's important to remember that he hasn't been hanging around in brothels for the last 4 months because he wants to be in brothels. He's there to execute the plan he and Claire (and in the in series, mostly Claire) devised to prevent the disaster of Culloden. Hanging out in places like this with a man he despises and even worse, is betraying, goes against Jamie's character but is something he does because it's necessary. If you go to brothels every day, the ladies there are going to assume you are there for a reason. So are the people you are there with. I'm not saying I condone infidelity or steps towards infidelity, but in this case, if it happened it was not because Jamie wanted to be unfaithful but because that's what happens in brothels. In the big picture, preventing Culloden is the most important thing. If Jamie and Claire are OK with lying, stealing, deceiving, and perhaps killing, why not cheating?

One other thought back to last week's episode - when Claire said she was unhappy at becoming more and more conventional, I read that as a comment on her marriage. "Convention" among the Parisian aristocracy at that time meant living a life strictly segregated by gender - the men gambled and went to brothels, and the ladies had tea and affairs. I think Claire was sad that she and Jamie seemed to be falling into that convention, and she was afraid it was becoming more than just an act.

Sassycatz said...

Regarding the word, "popinjay," online dictionaries define it as "a vain or conceited person, especially one who dresses or behaves extravagantly." Sounds about right for the Bonnie Prince.

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