Friday, June 3, 2016

Outlander Cast: The Fox's Lair - Listener Feedback - Episode 59

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss all the amazing feedback from episode 2.08 of Outlander entitled, "The Fox's Lair."  In this episode you'll learn all about: listeners calling out Blake on his France hating, more time travel logic, Claire and Jamie being the reason for the rebellions failure, the differences between the book and tv versions of Jamie and Claire, more goat talk, Leghair bashing, and much more!.

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Diane said...

I've been thinking about Blake's suggestion that Paris could have been left out completely. I already thought we were there for too many episodes, that the show could have simplified and edited without losing the plot, still allowed more time for the central relationships to develop powerfully and get us back to Scotland sooner. There has been so much "foreshadowing" that I didn't, and don't, know how there would be time left to handle it all.
But was Paris necessary? Most of the character growth and interactions could have taken place in Scotland, along with some crucial storyline. The one thing Scotland didn't have were the royal courts that were the real battlefields King James, and then his son Charles, spent their lives fighting on. The French court was where the Bonnie Prince was staging the 1745 rising, so unless the show were to skip that preamble altogether it had to go to Paris at some point.

Diane said...
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Arleners said...

As far as Jamie planning on giving away Lollybroch, am I silly to think it might have been possible that the plan was for Claire to have the vision at that time, and he was in on it? Maybe the lack of time left out the discussion of the plan? Just one possibility.

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