Sunday, June 12, 2016

Outlander Cast: Je Suis Prest - Listener Feedback - Episode 61

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss all the listener feedback for episode 2.09 of Outlander entitled, "Je Suis Prest."  In this episode you'll learn all about: why we're huge nerds/losers/awesome people, podcasting on vacation, why we had one of the best tweets of the week ever, man boobs and man parts flopping around, the moral price Jamie has to pay, Blake's crazy bonus Outlandish theory and much more!.

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Toni Graphia Mentioning Outlander Cast in the Outlander WGMA Writer's Panel 

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Kathy Van Wesep said...

Regarding the conception of Bree, Prestonpans takes place Sept 21, 1745 and Culloden is April 1746 so they have 7 months before Claire goes through the stones. In the book she has missed her "courses" only once before she goes through the stones, so they have lots of time to get pregnant.

mary anderson said...

I MUST address Blake's insistence that they should never have gone to France. They did NOT go to France with the intention of stopping the rebellion! They HAD to leave Scotland, they had no other place to go after busting Jamie outta jail! They were fugitives and had relatives in France to assist them and help them be safe. The idea of stopping the rebellion was an add on by Claire to distract Jamie from his PTSD and give him a sense of purpose.Staying in Scotland was not an option for them.

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