Friday, June 17, 2016

Outlander Cast: Prestonpans - Listener Feedback - Episode 63

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss all of the listener feedback from episode 2.10 of Outlander entitled, "Prestonpans."  In this episode you'll learn all about: how the France debate just won't die, why Jamie may or may not be a Jedi, why Blake broke his tooth and may not be able to speak properly today, why Mary calls out Rhode Islanders, and much more!.

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Robin Korb said...

I've read this books more times than I could count. I've also listened to these books many more times. As for the differences we've seen from the books to screen, I've only had a problem with one scene. This was when Claire decided to stay with Jamie after the witch-trail when she confessed her 'secret'. This bit was lacking the big emotions that should have been present. It was a huge scene that was just brushed aside.

As for the other changes, I've found most all of them wonderful. They given more credence to many of the secondary characters. The writers have tied these people to the main characters in a more commanding way. We are continually being reminded of their presence, whether good or bad, in the lives of Jamie and Claire. Another is the writer's ability to giving some once named characters more importance by tying them into the storyline in a way that creates tension.

Anyone who has written a book learns several things and one is that dropping characters in for the convenience for having something make sense is a no-no. We saw this in the way the Watch was only mentioned once in the book as was Horrocks. The fact the writers of the series blended these together made the story stronger. And, for me, more believable.

One of the best example of the writers creating a blended scene is when we see Black Jack tell Claire how he whipped Jamie. In the book, this was done by Dougal and lacked the punch of hearing and seeing the villain do this himself. My skin crawled, and I cringed many times as his tale unfolded. I did not have this response when I read the book, ever.

I have marveled at Ron's ability to take a wonderful story and give us a TV series I'm very proud of. Is it different from the books? Yes, but it's addressed some of the problems I had with the storytelling in the books. I can't wait to see how the next two seasons are written for the screen.

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