Friday, July 15, 2016

Outlander Cast: Clan Gathering Dragonfly In Amber LIVE Instant Take - Episode 68

 Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the finale episode 2.13 of Outlander entitled, "Dragonfly In Amber" LIVE with all the writers from the Outlander Cast Blog in the Clan Gathering.  This is our Instant Take right after the episode so you will get our unfiltered raw emotions!  And let me tell you, they were running hot!.

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Last12C said...

Wow! I really enjoyed this video! Such a lovely group. I really enjoy your perspectives as writers.
As a book reader, the hardest thing for me has been to let go of the book and enjoy the show as a thing unto itself. But I finally did made it there and it has made ALL the difference in the world! It has obviously been more difficult for some than for others. It makes me sad and frustrated to see how some have not been able to do that, (or have not wanted to?). I can’t imagine going into each episode with the anticipation of finding all of the problems and missing all of the yummy goodness – including all of the small intimate beats and little looks and touches that many seem to be missing between Sam & Cait. Their on-screen chemistry is JALAPENO HOT!!! So hot that they are having trouble with shippers on SM, so I can’t imagine how anyone could say the show isn’t showing the connection between them.
Claire – I didn’t see TV-Claire as being cold, manipulative and conniving – I saw her as having the same ruthless single-mindedness as she had in the book. For me I find this Claire a lot more relatable. I was never able to connect with Book Claire, so the show has given me the gift of a Claire that I can finally love. For those who think the show is destroying J&C’s love for one another, I would point out that in the final scene of this episode Claire told Jamie “I love you” more times than she did (without Jamie dragging it out of her) in the entirety of the first two books. Jamie said it frequently, but Claire does not (for a reason that she later explains) – and Jamie even points that out to her.
Sophie/Bree – Loved her! I’m shocked at some of the hateful things I’ve read on SM about Sophie! I totally related to TV Bree in a way that I never didn’t with Book Bree. Loved her moment of belief and that last look between mother and daughter at the end of the episode. I think Sophie did wonderfully with a very difficult character that came standard equipped with a mob of haters in the audience. Look at what poor Nell Hudson has had to put up with!

Last12C said...

Roger - My first crying jag started way back in the beginning when they opened the first screen with Roger standing there with the kids watching The Avengers with tears pooling in his eyes. Richard’s Roger is the bomb! I love how they gave Roger, Claire and Bree an instant bond through shared grief. Loved Roger’s stabilizing influence on Bree. My favorite Roger moment was when he got dragged into the big blow-out between The Randall Women. His little Oh! When he realized he’d walked into something dangerous, trying to escape and Bree dragging him back in, ending with him uncomfortably perched on the couch between them. ROTFLOL!
Blake – You are not alone. Permit me to introduce you to a large contingent of people who like Frank. We even have a name: Friends of Frank, FoF for short. We ARE out here just waiting to party!!!
That whole Lalllybroch scene with Claire, hearing the echoes of the past, Catullus, Jamie’s fetch in the archway SLAYED me! As did her Clan Stone scene and, of course, their parting at the stones, Jamie placing Claire’s hand on the stone! I totes agree that the framing story in Epi 1 was crucial to the emotional impact of their parting. Sam gave us the emotional and spiritual maturity of Jamie that some feel the show has stolen. Recognizing his destiny, his responsibility to others, accepting it as punishment and yet promising to find Claire even if he had to spend 200 years in purgatory. (Sigh!) And Cait letting us SEE what we only read in the book. Jamie: "D'ye think I don't know? It's me that has the easy part now. For if ye feel for me as I do for you--then I am asking you to tear out your heart and live without it." Gah!!!! Cait and Sam hit all the notes perfectly. Good thing I bought flood insurance for my house!
Loved how we heard Geillis before we saw Gillian. Loved how they formed a relationship between Gillian and Bree.
Blake – Claire only considered saving Geillis for a beat before realizing why she couldn’t. Her rush to the stones was only to warn her to stay low. But I’m glad that the two never connected because that would have ruined the dynamic between them in season 1 – puzzling each other out, suspecting but not knowing for sure, and the dramatic Aha! Moment.
OK, OK, enough. Sorry to be so verbose! But… but… but…!

Florida Rose said...

I would give the finale a 4.95 kilts. For the most part, I loved it! As a book reader, I loved all the changes that were made in the adaptation. In fact, many of the changes fixed issues I had with the book. For example, I was puzzled that, in the book, Claire never visited Lollybrach and Jaime didn't see Claire safely to the rocks. But, in the show, those were some of the most impactful and emotional scenes in the episode. I cried ugly when Claire reminisced on the steps of Lollybrach, And, Jaime walking Claire backwards and guiding her hand to the stone was the most impactful scene of the episode! Plus, Sam’s delivery of Jaime’s beautiful speech from the book was priceless!

I loved the scenes with Geillis. It was so cool that Roger got to meet her and didn't know she was his ancestor. And Blake, not to spoil too much -- Geillis did know about Claire when she met her in 1743, but not because she saw her at the stone. She knew about Claire from a different source. I’m hoping that will be answered in season 3.

I know some fans didn’t like Rick Rankin and Sophie Skelton. But, I loved their performances. Rick was perfect as Roger, He was funnier and more charming than book Roger. And, personally, I loved Sophie as Bree. Book Bree annoyed me, but Sophie made Bree more likeable.

And, I can't say enough about Fergus! Romann hit it out of the park in every episode. I am going to miss him. I have loved the growing parent-child relationship between the Frasers and Fergus. And, it made Claire's departure even more heartbreaking. You realize that she has lost not one, but two children when she goes through those stones.

While I agree that this was one of the best Outlander episode, I can’t give it 5 kilts for two nitpicky reasons. First, I continue to have problems with timeline issues this season. The show writers need to know math! In episode 1, both Claire and Frank kept saying she was gone for 2 years! That drove me crazy. It was closer to 3. At least, they corrected that in this episode. And, now Bree --who goes to an Ivy League school -- can't figure out how long Claire was pregnant in April 1968. She was two months pregnant not three. And finally, in the book, Bree went to MIT, not Harvard. Harvard didn't become coed until 1977. Bree couldn't have gone there! MIT was coed at the time.

Last12C said...
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Last12C said...

Oops, sorry, cat walked across my keyboard... again.

Official book doctrine is that Claire returned in mid-April and was 2 months pregnant. She had a difficult pregnancy and Bree was born November 23. At the time of this episode Bree was majoring in history (Like Frank). She switched to engineering and enrolled at MIT after she returned to Boston.

Unknown said...

to Florida Rose: Breanna did indeed go to Harvard, studying History like her "dad" Frank; HOWEVER, she changes schools (to MIT) and majors (to engineering) after these events in 1968!

Florida Rose said...

Actually, the books never stated that she went to Harvard. Claire only said that Bree was studying history like her father -- the college was never mentioned. In "Drums of Autumn" Bree goes back to school and changes her major to engineering. It doesn't say she changes schools. I know this is very nitpicky, but she couldn't have gone to Harvard in 1968 because they didn't accept women until 1977! She could have gone to Harvard's sister school, Radcliffe. This may seem like an obscure fact, but it's something that was an issue for a lot of women in the 60s, 70s and even early 80s that they couldn't go to the best schools. I had wanted to go to Columbia University, but I couldn't because they didn't accept women until 1983 and I started college in 1982.

Annla said...

There was a whole debate about Harvard/Radcliffe on another site and it was "decided" that she went to Radcliffe but they called it "Harvard" because the two schools shared so much. I don't remember if MIT is mentioned in Book #7 or Book #8 but I recall it.

Last12C said...

Although Harvard and Radcliff weren't fully integrated at the time of this episode, she would has sat in classrooms at Harvard, taking instruction from Harvard faculty and would have received a Harvard degree. The only differences would have been that she wouldn't have had access to Harvard Yard (dorms and some libraries) and her commencement ceremony would have been separate.

Last12C said...

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