Thursday, July 28, 2016

Outlander Cast: Dragonfly In Amber - Listener Feedback - Episode 70

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss all of the listener feedback from episode 2.13 of Outlander entitled, "Dragonfly In Amber."  In this episode you'll learn all abfout: Outlander withdrawals, why we think they made a mistake underplaying the Dougal moments, Bree's hair, dissecting the choice for a fractured story, our recommendations for Droughtlander, what we will be up to during the break  and much more!.

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Last12C said...

Really disagree with the criticisms on the adaptive choices made in Season 2! The show was an accurate depiction of the book's story. The time spent in Paris in the book was exactly as it was in the show. Every event that occurred in the show, occurred in the book. It was all about how toxic the city and the politics involved with their attempt to change the future was to their marriage. The marriage came a lot closer to imploding in the book than it did in the show. Dragonfly in Amber is not a love story without conflict; it is a love story that survived conflict - and became stronger because of it.

Drowning InChocolate said...

I really miss Outlander, Saturday's are great, but there is such a huge hole in my day, without our favourite show!

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