Monday, September 5, 2016

Outlander Cast: Season Two Wrap Up w/ Chief TV Critic of - Allison Keene - Episode 71

Hosts Mary and Blake chat about season two of Outlander with's Chief TV critic Allison Keene.  In this episode, you will learn why Outlander has become one of Allison's favorite TV shows, her top five takeaways from season 2, what she thinks needs to happen for season three, what the show can do to improve, whether Outlander is ready or not to take the next step to elite level television, her two fantastic recommendations for shows to watch during droughtlander, and why she broke Blake's heart..

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Jude Sargent said...

I'm only part way thru this and now I am getting repeatedly interrupted, so try to relisten and finish later (Can't just pick up where I left off w this technology!) But I am impressed with a good reviewer, and a person with a book readers sensibility re taking time to slow down, picking up on the important episodes it would have been worth more time for, picking up on the sort of drive-by rapes that weren't particularly developed or followed thru on in Season 2. Picking up on the abruptness of the change from Season 1 to 2 (coming to France without adequate healing scenes). I overall find Season II weaker than I, and don't find myself going back to re-watch much from Season II, so I respectfully disagree with the reviewer on which was the better season; but again, really appreciate her sensibility, her close listening, and her intelligence. thanks Jude

Last12C said...

Patience is the word of the day. This is a looong story – at least 10 books long. Many of the things that one may not fully appreciate in these early seasons will reverberate down through the years and have meaning. The way Season 2 began on the series was far less jarring than it was in the books. I feel strongly that the events in Episode 1 were necessary to inject a feeling of angst in the viewing audience that allowed them to share the sense of urgency and desperation that Jamie and Claire endured throughout the season, and the heartbreaking despair that was portrayed so beautifully in the finale. If they had filmed the events sequentially they would have had to go from 1746 to 1948 to 1969 in the last 1-2 episodes and the story would not have flowed nearly as well. Personally, Season 2 was much more satisfying to me than Book 2 was. I didn’t really care for the book, to be honest.

I actually appreciate the restraint they are taking with the sexual content. I was concerned that the show was skirting the boundary of becoming a romance trope, when the story going forward is so much more than that. The show is reaching out to a far more diversified audience. Season 1 was able to tolerate more sexual content due to the fact that Jamie and Claire were just beginning their relationship. But, as the reviewer mentioned, Season 2 focused on taking that relationship to a deeper level, surviving despite all of the tragedy and trauma they experienced. It allowed them to bond together in a less superficial way to become a unified couple that is able to endure what fate will throw at them. As far as the rapes go, they are in the book and are inextricably tied to events and relationships going forward, so the show doesn’t have much choice with regard to their inclusion. The books didn’t dwell on the clinical recovery of the victims at all and I don’t really want to see the show forced into a position of diverting from the storyline in order to take up that responsibility. The important thing to watch is how those characters evolve and interact within relationships as the story proceeds.

Black Jack Randall isn’t simply a foe that can be easily discarded after his last nefarious chuckle. As the progenitor of Frank and as someone whose darkness touched Jamie’s soul he has a much larger role that extends beyond his evil deeds to impact both of our main characters in multiple ways throughout their lives. After 20 years and 9 books we are STILL waiting to learn his full story!

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