Saturday, June 17, 2017

Outlander Cast: An In Depth Study Of Outlander Season 1 Mid Season Finale - 'Both Sides Now' - Episode 83

Hosts Mary and Blake embark on another in depth study of a season one stand out - the mid season finale - "Both Sides Now".  In this episode we discuss, the value of knowing Frank, why Anna Foerster "gets" Outlander, tension, why this has every aspect of a perfect Outlander episode, why this episode is about ONE moment, and how the moment effects the show forever and much more.

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  1. Another great in depth study "Both Sides Now", going to re-watch the TV ep. and re-listen to your analysis. Keep going here, truly enjoy.

  2. I'm enjoying your analysis of past episodes of Outlander. I'd love for Blake to continue. It makes "droughtlnder more bearable.

  3. Another pod cast hit out of the park guys! I so enjoy listening to your detailed perspective. You create a moment for us all. Look forward to your next. Thanks! -Peg

    1. That's why I am one of your patreon's :) - Peg C

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  5. Am I missing the video, or is it only the audio podcast?

  6. Fantastic podcast!

    Mary and Blake, your thoughts and observations are wonderfully astute.

    I wish I could be there to comment with you.

    I am both team Jamie and Frank and I just love how multi-layered the show made both of them. (I dislike boring one-note characters)

    Loved the fact that the show brought in that Frank had
    been a spy, and beat down those extortionists. (Knowing what I know
    now from S2, I see both Black Jack and also Mary in his actions)

    So sorry that Anna Forester will not be returning. All of her episodes are riveting.

    I am only just a show watcher, so please do not make me feel alienated because I haven't read the books yet.

    After all, Dexter was based on a book as well, and I enjoy the first few seasons of that show for the show itself.

    Never once has anyone told me to read Dexter the book so that I could
    understand the show better.

    Thanks so much,

    Can't wait to hear more podcasts!