Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Outlander Cast Chats w/ Head Of Prosthetics & Makeup: Kristyan Mallett - Episode 14

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss everything blood, guts, makeup, and prosthetics with Kristyan Mallett - the head of Prosthetics and Makeup on Outlander.  In this episode, you'll learn all about why Mary has a nerdgasm, what Jamie's back and Batman have in common, how they achieved the look on Jamie's back, Geordie's guts and the surprise setting of that scene, the science of blood and little boys ears, what it was like to work on the set out Outlander, and why the best compliment to Kristyan is never noticing his work..

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This episode's choice, in honor of our guest, is Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.


firstlove02 said...

A really big thanks to Mr. Mallett for his work on Outlander.

He did a "magnificent" job in the realism he brought to that flogging scene. I loved how he said that Jaime would be dead if he was lashed over 900 times by that cat o' nine tails whip. He would have no flesh left! But, I loved how he would have wanted to know that later on there would be that close up of Claire hand and Jaime's back on their wedding night. His attention to detail with how he would have wanted that to look lash by lash. A true artist in his work.

That opening scene with the blood spraying all over Claire with the soldier's leg as an accident was amazing. It was perfect.

His comments about Terry and her costumes cannot be stated enough. I have said it before, but Outlander is setting a bar that most shows, I think, can only dream of aspiring to.

Thank you Mr. Mallett for being a guest on Mary and Blakes' Podcast.

Once again guys....Great Job!!!

Take Care,
Sarah : )

BDuffy said...

The flogging made me think of what the crucifixion may have been like. Passion of the Christ and The Bible series did a good job but Jamie's wounds and the flogging was such a great example of what a lashing with a cat of 9 tails would look and be like. Great job!

Miranda Guerrero said...

It's a very magnificent job!!! I adore this show and as fan I really apprecciate the dedication and love in the production!!!

Unknown said...

What an awesome interview . . . Such talent! The show wouldn't be the same without KM's fine work.

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