Sunday, May 17, 2015

Outlander Cast: Wentworth Prison - Episode 25

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the fifteenth episode of "Outlander," entitled, "Wentworth Prison." In this EPIC FREAKIN' episode you'll learn all about Blake's shocking reveal in the beginning of the recording, why Wentworth put Mary into labor but also happened to save Outlander too, how this show, oddly enough, finds it's footing in love, the creation of BJR and Jamie, another new segment, turning cinematic tropes on their heads, and why this is a study in patience. Remember - the listener feedback for this episode will be made into its OWN episode!  We didn't forget you :).

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The video of Mary walking down the street while laboring:

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firstlove02 said...

Dear Mary and Blake,

Hope you have had your little lass by now....

Just wanted to commend you both for your dedication to your podcast for the fans of Outlander.... You both are rock stars for doing this. This fan really appreciates it.

Loved this podcast and congrats that you had so much listener feedback that we are going to have a show of our own next time. YAY!!! I look forward to hearing everyone's responses.

Blake- Love the "exec" decision to have a "Mary and Blake" Q&A part of your show... I will be sending you both questions for that. Thank you

Best Wishes,

La Crescenta
P.S. Loved the emoji review of the episode and laboring Mary walking down the street. You GO MOM MARY!!!

Natalie Kijurna said...

I, at first, thought Tobias Menzies was the star as far as acting in this episode and that's saying ALOT considering the magnitude of what we're talking about...all actors that are at Emmy level, in my opinion. Then, I read an article that changed my mind. The author talks about the fact that while Tobias definitely was beyond awesome, Sam was the better actor. I definitely cannot explain it better than the author, so the article is below if you haven't read it already. I also thought it was a very interesting take on the episode from the point of view of consent, duress, etc.

Awesome podcast, btw!!!! Good luck with the bambino!!!


Racquel Morgan said...

These words from the above link (sorry don't know who wrote it) are such a perfect illustration of why #EmmyforSameHeughan is what everyone should be voting for - Academy:
"That is why Sam Heughan deserves the praise of this episode and next. Because while Tobias Menzies had to go to a dark place, Sam Heughan had to lower all of the defenses we build as human beings and he had to show those being shattered. He had to portray the victim. And I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to portray a victim. Mainly because I don’t want to imagine it. I like to believe I’m safe. I like to believe my loved ones are safe. And while I have sat with far too many friends who have been sexually assaulted, I still choose to believe I’m safe. And I can’t imagine letting go of that, even for a second.
TL;DR: Sam Heughan is the best fucking actor on this show and he deserves all the awards. And all the praise. And the fandom should be showering him with praise for his brave performance."

Racquel Morgan said...

Sorry that should be #EmmyforSamHeughan

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