Monday, August 18, 2014

Outlander Cast: Castle Leoch - Episode 3

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the second episode of "Outlander," entitled, "Castle Leoch."  In this episode you'll learn about: why Jamie is using old man power moves, why Claire is too smart for herself sometimes, cheese and boobs, and some great listener feedback!.

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  1. Kudos to Mary for keepin' it spoiler free - I don't know how you do it! I got a good chuckle from the discussion about whether Jamie was using guy code when he was asking about Claire's hubby. You're totally right, Blake. My favorite scene was the banter one between Claire and Rupert. Is there anyone with whom Caitriona Balfe does not have chemistry??
    Couple of quick notes: Jenny is short for Janet, Jennifer ( in the books) and blondie's name is pronounced either L'heer (written phonetically in the books) or Leery. The gal who plays her (Nell Hudson) called her "Leery" at one of the red carpet premieres.
    Also, if you're really interested in the Gaelic translations, there's a lovely lady named Mandy who blogs all about it at I believe she's in direct contact with the on set Gaelic tutor, also.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. EDIT *Jenny is short for Janet, not Jennifer (in the books)*

  3. Hello there, ZeyiK here. Thank you for clarifying again. I did continue listening to last week's podcast and also listened to this week. You guys are so funny. I like the back and fort and free format when you two talk about the show, kept me listening. Mary is a delight, awesome voice and Blake's accent slipping in once is a while is great. I see the comments above already corrected Mary about Jenny's name. I am a huge Outlander fan and want to thank you very much for making this podcast available. Have a great week.

  4. From Wikipedia just on Toulouse-Lautrec... so it seems to fit here... Colum could easily have a little bit of inbreeding and Blake might just be on to something there with the Hamish thing. TL had "hypertrophied genitals"...

    Henri's parents, the Comte and Comtesse, were first cousins (Henri's two grandmothers were sisters[2]) and Henri suffered from congenital health conditions sometimes attributed to a family history of inbreeding.[4]

    At the age of 13 Henri fractured his right thigh bone and, at 14, the left.[5] The breaks did not heal properly. Modern physicians attribute this to an unknown genetic disorder, possibly pycnodysostosis (also sometimes known as Toulouse-Lautrec Syndrome),[6] or a variant disorder along the lines of osteopetrosis, achondroplasia, or osteogenesis imperfecta.[7] Rickets aggravated with praecox virilism has also been suggested. His legs ceased to grow, so that as an adult he was extremely short. He had developed an adult-sized torso, while retaining his child-sized legs.[8] He is reported to have had hypertrophied genitals.[9]

  5. Hypertrophied=enlarged
    Atrophied= reduced in size

  6. Another hour well spent.... Thanks you guys.

    Oh, goodness, only two more podcasts for me to listen to. *sniff* Then, I hope you two will have some fun hiatus podcasts in the works to keep the Outlander Love going for such a long hiatus...

    Blake- really? That was "old man power moves" for Jamie to talk about Claire's husband? Mary, I was clueless too. Really? It was such a quiet touching scene between the two of them. I really loved this interaction and bravo to Sam's personal trainer. Wow! Give that guy a raise!

    I just loved the pouring rain around the stables during Claire and Jamie's lunch conversation.

    Mrs. Fitz/ Mrs. Patmore she is so endearing.( I loved Downton Abbey as well. A really great Period Drama.) She is the heart of Castle Leoch. Collum may be the Laird, but that is HER castle.

    Blake- I don't think Jamie is perfect, he does have secrets. ( A Man of Mystery is always more interesting.) You can tell that he is "complicated", but that doesn't mean that they are dark ugly secrets. I know you two have probably seen this already, but you both might enjoy this. I hope it is okay to link this. (Notice those baby-blue eyes, Mary)

    Sarah :)
    P.S. The Lunar Eclipse was really something to see this morning. Hope you two witnessed that. For some people on the east coast they could actually witness a selenelion.

  7. Mary- How is your very own little "Sassenach" doing? I hope she is doing well. She sounds cute.

  8. Castle Leoch: You guys are so funny, I'm going to be in trouble not being able to stop listening to your podcasts tonight! The word "infected" was still funnier in this episode even when Mrs. Fitz said it! Last remembered Tobias Menzies in Game of Thrones (small role), but man he's pretty creepy as Black Jack!
    Mary--- Do you end up filling in Blake on what really happens in the book after an episode and podcast? I think it's so much fun when he shares his theories even though he's a non-reader!

  9. Castle Leoch: Loved Blake's interpretation of Jamie "wanting" Claire after he takes the beating for Laoghaire, I thought the same thing! That little "hey, what's up" glance lol

  10. haha thanks Stacy! I'd like to say that we are intentionally funny - but, sadly, we're just that goofy in real life. As for telling me whats happened, or anything, no, Mary does not clue me in. I have asked her not to do it. It's important to me that I see the show through the eyes of a TV viewer only. This may be Diana Gabeldon's book, but, to me, this is Ron Moore's story.

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