Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Outlander Cast: Both Sides Now - Episode 10

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the eighth episode of "Outlander," entitled, "Both Sides Now."  In this episode, you'll learn all about: the reasoning for the hiatus' obscene length, Frank - Jack Bauer - Randall, did Claire and Frank actually hear each other?, why Blake may anger a lot of fans in this episode, Ron Moore's fine line, Timmy and Lassie, Ned "Billy the Kid" Gowan, directing choices, Claire's promise, the well needed return of BJR, why we have to pay people to hang out with us, and the most listener feedback we've ever had.  Great job guys!.

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Nokomis Florida said...

While listening to all of Blake's comparisons and comments about Jack Bauer and 'Outlander', I kept waiting for a comparison of Claire to Kim Bauer as they both seem to constantly get into dumb situations that someone has to swing in and rescue the damsel from.

As far as the loooong hiatus, I believe it is being done to sync the show up with the timeline in the book. _Outlander_ takes place in the Spring but because of scheduling the first half of the show was shot in the Fall. By starting in April the seasons will now match up.

Keep up the good work, will be checking in.

Bill in Florida.

firstlove02 said...

Excellent Podcast Mary and Blake.

Looking forward to your podcast updates. Love the tease of what you guys have in store for your listeners! It will make the absurdly long hiatus bearable. Please keep the Outlander Love flowing.

Outlander soundtrack in the works per Bear McCreary's blog. Yay!

BlakeLarsen said...

Bill - I would NEVER do Claire the disservice of comparing her to the likes of Kim Bauer. That is a whole other level of trolling!

But in regards to your idea about syncing the show to the real time seasons, that sounds pretty cool. Another listener suggested that they split season 1 because they have to premeire Black Sails and DaVinci's Demons in the mean time and they didn't want to cram every property they have at the same time. This makes the most sense out of any theory I've heard. Thoughts?

Nokomis Florida said...

Ha Ha!! Good for you, Blake.

Seems to me that there are 7 nights in a week which gives Starz plenty of opportunity to air different shows.

Listening to the podcast of Music of the Isles. Think they did an all Scottish show recently.

Bill in FL

Mary Larsen said...

Thanks for listening! and thank you for the kind words about the show.

Keep your eyes peeled on Facebook and Twitter. We should be having an announcement very soon :)

Deana Hervey said...

Hi guys, sorry for the extra long diatribe on the phone the last episode. Twitter sure makes you shorten your sentences, I'll have to get a stop watch for my calls. I did respond to your 5 top things. If there was room for a 6th it would be Geillis' RED shoes. I do covet them most of all - my precious. Bruhaha So now I'm just waiting for your Next Big Thang. And, oh, just to warn you I'm building a blog and if my talking is anything like my mother's was, God help everyone!

Belinda S. said...
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Belinda S. said...

Love, love, love the podcast. Just started listening during this ghastly Outlander hiatus.

But if I could say, please, please, please differentiate better between Angus, Rupert and Murtagh. I scream in my head the corrections, since I can't scream at you guys...LOL. For example it was Angus and not Rupert who taught Claire how to use her dagger.

Also Mary, I was quite surprised at your reaction to Jamie regarding the Redcoats scene. If you go back to the scene, you'll see that the dude has a cocked gun ready and steady under Jamie's jaw ready to blow his head off. And Jamie did lurch towards the other dude as he went to rape Claire. There wasn't anything Jamie could have done in the moment and needed the distraction to get the upper hand on the gun holder.

I love Blake but his whole discussion of this epi regarding wanting more Frank etc and all the other stuff ie the Redcoat attempted rape etc as not being necessary-makes me want to scream as a book reader because all of this is so incredibly necessary for all of the plot points to come. But Blake is still my dude. Keep up the good work. B

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