Friday, April 24, 2015

Outlander Cast Chats w/ Tracey & Carol from My Outlander Purgatory - Episode 21

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss all things Outlander with Tracey and Carol of My Outlander Purgatory.  In this episode, you'll learn all about how Blake is a total newbie, how My Outlander Purgatory was created, what drew them to the books, how much the Outlander community has grown since the show began, the differences between show Jamie and book Jamie, how we fawn all over Tobias Menzies, the future of Outlander the show, pocket Jamie, why Blake stands up for married men across the globe, how much we actually geeked out at the Outlander premiere event in New York, and why Blake just can't close out the show like a professional..

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Tracey and Carol from My Outlander Purgatory

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librariantobe said...

Justin Bieber?! Of all the people you could compare him to, Bieber?! BIEBER?!!!!

Kristin said...

Loved this!! Love My Outlander Purgatory!!

BlakeLarsen said...

haha yes, Justin Bieber. But, I recanted it!

BlakeLarsen said...

I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Are you an avid MOP fan?

Sasha Gonzalez said...

Love that you guys did this! My 2 favorite Outlander outlets bantering together :)

Brenda Palmeri said...

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