Sunday, April 26, 2015

Outlander Cast: Lallybroch - Episode 22

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the twelfth episode of Outlander entitled, "Lallybroch."  In this episode, you'll learn all about: how listeners call out Blake on his crap, why the listener reaction truly surprised us, why this is the decanting episode, why we're into the twig and berries, taking a breather is good, LJR, Blake's real daddy issues, sibling rivalry, why we need more consistency in the direction, smashing Lego's, how an Australian made our day, and Mary's new obsession with buttery shortbread..

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firstlove02 said...

Hi Mary and Blake,

Once again, a fabulous podcast. I love the addition of playing the sound bytes into the discussion. I hope that continues. I was so captivated by this podcast. I even took notes so I could reply and not miss anything. WOW, imagine that...

Mary- I didn't catch the moment Claire is given a vase of flowers. (I went back and rewatched and appreciated that moment) So happy you pointed that out. I was so in love with Claire and Jamie last episode that I thought I would want to give Claire a blue vase for Lallybroch because now she is home. So glad someone did. Yay.

This episode I feel is about laying down the foundations for character development of the key players that will give the next part of the journey of the story context. It also invests us watchers so we care about what happens to each of these characters.

A Hero can only be so heroic, if the Villain is equally evil. BJR is such a well layered villain and I have to give Tobias Menzies kudos for his courage in playing the sadism of BJR to the extent or direction it seems to be going. On a personal note, there are evil deeds that have not even entered my mind and there are things I just can't see, because then, I can't "unsee" them. So, that is why I am so scared of BJR going forward.

Blake- I think you are right, BJR is going to force himself on Jamie, but I know that no matter what BJR does to his body, he will never dominate the essence of Jamie. I just can't bear seeing Jamie in pain, now that I am so in love with him. *swoon* (Gosh, Diana so has me.....)

Blake- Thank you for your discussion on Jamie and his Daddy issues and the sword his Dad had and how you relate to that. Good points. The son becoming his own man in despite the shadow of a father that was well respected and accomplished.


firstlove02 said...

This episode also explored the journey of Claire and Jamie's domestic life interactions. The role of Laird's wife as explained to Claire by Jamie. I love how he included, "his" time. I am so glad Claire has Jamie to talk honestly with.

What I loved most about this episode was meeting Jenny. Having only seen her in the context of Jamie's memory, I love how she set the record straight. We get to see the sibling dynamics. We get to see Jamie, the brother, for all his imperfections. Another strong woman in Jamie's life. It makes me wonder about Jamie's mom and what she was like.
The sibling interaction also shows the Fraser trait of taking on the whole weight of the burden of things wholeheartedly. Also, the depths to which a Fraser will love you. That is why the introduction of Ian here is vital. I just love him. Thank you Blake for playing the sound byte between him and Claire.
Blake- Ian is a well-practiced husband and you have to be if you are married to a Fraser. His analogy of a Fraser is perfect.

Blake- Thank you for your perspective on the "romance" of watching episodic TV with a whole week to wait for the next installment. That week leading to the next episode really does give time for the wheels in a person's head to turn about what is going to happen next. You lose the anticipation factor with binge watching.

Lastly, I am loving the journey of Frank's is still on Claire's finger. I think I am a bit surprised by that. Jamie neither asks her to take it off and she doesn't remove it. So interesting to me. Also, in the HUGE "I Love you." exchange with Claire and Jamie, Frank's ring gets prominent camera time. They could have shot that scene with Jamie's ring getting camera time by having Claire stand on the left side with her right hand stroking Jamie's face. But, they didn't. So, to me, Frank is still not far from Claire, even when she proclaims her love for another man. Fascinating. I love the journey of the rings so much.....I actually bought Claire's ring as a souvenir. It is just too much fun this Outlander Fandom!

Thank you for indulging me Mary and Blake!
You two a great! Thanks for my replying to me on the last podcast Blake.

Sarah (Still swooning over bare wet-Jamie)
La Crescenta

Peigi said...

Love your podcast, even (especially) when Blake 'whiffs' on a prediction!
Jamie and Jenny both share the actual experience of BJR's twisted actions,
which makes their bond even stronger.

Walkers Shortbread is good, but for something sweet to counter the above,
here is my recipe:

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
Cream together 1 cup sugar and 1 lb Butter (yes 1 Pound - I use salted)
Add 5 cups flour, 1/2 cup at a time. Mixture will be crumbly. *
Pat into a 9x13 pan, prick with a fork, bake 25 min, until edges are just golden
don't overcook. cut while warm.
(*optional add ins: pecans, candied ginger, lemon or orange zest, etc etc)

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