Monday, March 21, 2016

Outlander Cast: 18th Century France History Lesson - Episode 40

Hosts Mary and Blake are back to ease the final few weeks of DroughtLander 2.0 with a history lesson about France in the 18th century.  While everyone is looking forward to the premiere, we look back in history to give a little context to what you will be seeing Jamie and Claire enter into when they come upon the shores of France.  In this episode, you'll learn all about, why French history is basically like House of Cards, the house of Bourbon, King Louis XIV, King Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, The War of Austrian Succession, how wars made it easier for the Jacobites, French court, why Bonnie Prince Charlie didn't get the help he was promised, how a Scot basically saved and ruined France all at the same time, Mary's amazing notes, why we're having a Clan Gathering, why you should stay til the very end of the show, and much more!.

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Here are the pictures of Mary's drawings and notes from the lesson:  

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Missy Hermes said...

Merci vous les deux ! Marie vous êtes très artistique! 🍾🎨🖌🇫🇷

Connie said...

Mary, I understand the impulse to draw or diagram the history lesson! Blake, great context.

artzk1 said...

This was an especially good episode! Thanks, Blake for sharing your knowledge of history with us.

Ann Robertson said...

Loved this episode - clarified many complex historical conundrums not taught in our school history. The history of Scotland and England (and Britain) is not easy either and your earlier podcast was great regarding that time period. I look forward to and relish all your podcasts; always informative, thoughtful and entertaining

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