Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Outlander Cast: Vengeance Is Mine - Episode 64

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss episode 2.11 of Outlander entitled, "Vengeance Is Mine."  In this episode you'll learn all about: the art of pulling teeth, whether Dougal really is who we think he is, Carlos from The Hangover, why Blake insists on speaking like Sandringham, why "Frak" is now a permanent part of the show, more "Claire-voice" then we care to admit, a completely unexpected standing ovation, comparisons to "Battle Of The Bastards," why Mary FINALLY gets her Outlandish Theory promo right,  and much more!.

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Sherry said...

Danton was a sleaze, but he didn't rape Mary. He tried to rape Claire, which is why Claire recognized him by his birthmark. I looked back at the episode, La Dame Blanche and it shows Danton starting to unbutton his pants before another man pulled back Claire's hood and yelled out, "La Dame Blanche!!"
So Mary killed the wrong man.
I loved the subtitles! It made Jamie's prayer even more poignant.
I think Dougal was affected by Angus's death, which is why he was so heroic with Rupert. He was responsible for them coming with him to fight, even though Colum had made a pact with Lord Lovat. He must have been feeling guilty and didn't want Rupert dying, too.
I was surprised that the big argument in the church was not overheard by the Redcoats. Claire's statement that she was Lady Broch Turach could have been heard in Edinburgh.
Let's send Mary Hawkins to Dr.Phil.
So happy they didn't kill off Hugh Munro and Rupert!
Belmont House belonged to the Duke of Sandringham. How could he not know about the secret passage behind the picture?
My GBG: The Good...Diana Gabaldon writing this episode. The Bad...Mary killing Danton...another innocence lost. The Great...Jamie's Prayer for Claire. Brought me to tears!!
4.6 Kilts
Claire kills Dougal....I don't think so. Unless Ron totally goes over the edge. She's a healer, Blake.

MomReadsALot said...

I can't tell you how fun it is to hear my name mentioned in your podcast. It's happened twice. My 14-year old son thinks this means one of two things 1) there aren't many fans who comment, 2) I am a big geek. Neither is true. Thanks, Margaret Krob AKA "MomReadsAlot" on Instagram.

Unknown said...

I can't stop laughing. Lemurs do not follow each other off cliffs, I think you mean lemmings. So funny! Thanks for being so entertaining.

Sally L said...

Listening to this now. Of course Blake had to minimize DG's work in this episode. No Blake, they didn't give it to her 'because there was not a lot going on'. I thought this was Mary's show... You want to ban "herself" from the podcast. If this exact episode was written by Blake's mancrush Ira (who has a few bad ones).

This episode was absolutely fantastic. My non book reader spouse loved it too. Between the subliminal Diana bashing and the ridiculous "France shouldn't have happened", this podcast is becoming annoying. Just watch the show with an open mind... Book readers should put down the book (as I have).

Unknown said...

King Julian doesn't appreciate the Lemmings reference.

BlakeLarsen said...

Hi Sally - I am sorry that you were disappointed by my comments about the episode.

I don't remember minimizing DGs work, although I did say that there wasn't much that happened in terms of the plot. That's not necessarily a bash on her, but more a commentary on the story boarding / breaking of the season process. Which would fall on the shoulders of RDM.

In fact, I actually remember saying multiple times how I quite liked the episode and even giving DG a standing ovation (literally) at the end of the 'cast.

I do maintain that France was not the best option for the show, and that seems to be like a fairly popular opinion between major television critics, show watchers and book readers alike.

Banning " herself " is something I said in jest. It was meant to be a joke and I apologize if it offended you.

But, again, I did like the episode, and even commented that it was a well rounded episode that included all the facets that make Outlander, Outlander. Action, romance, Sci-fi, character moments etc.

Kathy Van Wesep said...

I give this episode 4.5 Kilts. I took away points because of the editing out of 50% of what Diana wrote which made the second half choppy. It became a humorous farce either intentionally or unintentionally, which, if you took it as that, was very entertaining. I loved having the humor which is a hallmark of Diana's writing in the midst of the drama and revenge. We had a nice mix of tenderness between Jamie and Claire, Rupert mourning Angus, Dugal showing his care and loyalty to Rupert who, like Angus ,was always loyal to his war chief, Claire being Claire again, the Duke making us love to hate him, Murtagh fulfilling his promise and Mary getting her revenge. Although Danton was not the one who actually raped Mary, he was the ring leader and the only one she could get revenge on. I am glad it was her and not Jamie who stabbed the swine. Of course she will be effected by it and by the fact that her godfather was part of the rape plan and seeing him decapitated. The girl has more suffering ahead.

Blake - Not all episodes can have WOW factors. You have to have transitional episodes connecting those big episodes and I think Diana did a good job of wrapping things up with the Duke and getting us to Inverness which happens to be close to Culloden and Craig na Dun where we will end up in the end.

BlakeLarsen said...

Kathy - I actually quite agree with you about transition episodes. Every show, whether it's LOST, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, 24, The West Wing, Game Of Thrones, or even BSG and Outlander has them. But, IMO, there are shows that do them better than others. For as much as I love it, LOST had some ugly transition episodes. Same for Game Of Thrones. But they minimize them, and for the MOST part, shoot them interestingly, have a creative spin on them, etc.

Then you get some really special seasons of television like The Leftovers season 2, MR. ROBOT season 1, Halt and Catch Fire season 2, Banshee season 3, and House of Cards season 1 that just NEVER let up. They have something EVERY episode that is absolutely vital to the season.

So - it's a fine line to walk. Do I want to be Wow'd every time I watch television? Hmm..that's an interesting question. I think I want to be WOW'd from the shows I love - Outlander, The Leftovers, HCAF, Breaking Bad, LOST etc. Granted, that's a pretty subjective requirement because it's my personal taste and I am holding those creative teams accountable to my creative whimsy.

So then I suppose you'd have to define what WOW factor is. I can tell you that when I think of it, WOW means, after I have watched the show, I say, "Wow, that was pretty god damn good." And I think about it, parse it out, and it provokes me to engage it on a more emotional/ academic level.

So what is WOW to you?

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